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Octopuses have a sucker-proof coating on their skin to make sure they don't grab and tangle their own tentacles.

how many tentacles do octopuses have?

The neurons in an octopus are not concentrated in the brain - 2/3 of them are located in the tentacles meaning that each individual tentacle acts autonomously and independently of the brain. However, an octopus can exert precise control over a tentacle when need be through eyesight alone.

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  1. Severed octopus tentacles will still function as normal for up to an hour after being cut off, even going as far as to search for food and bring it back to a "phantom mouth".

  2. Two thirds of an octopuses neurons reside in their tentacles, and that the tentacles can essentially problem solve on their own.

  3. Octopuses usually have 8 arms and 0 tentacles because cephalopod "arms" have suckers along most of their length while tentacles only have suckers near the ends.

  4. In 1998 an octopus with 96 tentacles was caught in a bay in Japan.

  5. The blanket octopus is known to rip off the venomous tentacles of the Portuguese man o' war to use them as weapons

  6. Blanket octopuses are immune to the sting of Portuguese man-o-wars and are known to collect their stinging tentacles and use them as weapons

  7. The painter Hokusai, who created the famous "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," made an erotic painting of a sexual encounter between two octopuses and an ama diver. Painted in 1814, it is often cited as an early forerunner of tentacle erotica.

  8. If predator grabs them for any tentacle, they will reject it. Soon after, new tentacle will grow.

  9. Males and females can be distinguished by the length of the suckers. Males have longer suckers and two tentacles that play role during mating.

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Why do octopuses have tentacles?

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All octopuses have head, called mantle, surrounded with 8 arms, called tentacles. All vital organs are located in their head.

The main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants include SpongeBob, Patrick Star (starfish), Gary (pet snail), Squidward Tentacles (miserable octopus), Sandy Cheeks (squirrel), Mr. Krabbs (owner of the Krusty Krab), Plankton (rival who wants the recipe for Krabby Patties), Mrs. Puff (driving teacher), Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (retired superheroes), and others.

The tongue is not a single muscle, but actually a muscular hydro stat; a structure similar to an octopus’s tentacles or an elephant’s trunk. - source

Using strong suction cups (240 on each tentacle), they hunt crabs, mollusks and crayfish.

Despite his name, Squidward is an octopus. He only has six tentacles though, not the usual eight that an octopus would have.

When did octopi become octopuses?

Squidward Tentacles is actually an octopus and not a squid as his name suggests.

How long are octopuses tentacles?

An Octopus’s eight appendages are called “limbs” not “tentacles”. Squid also have eight limbs, and additionally two extra long appendages- these are tentacles.

Since the Blanket Octopus is immune to the sting of the Portuguese man o' war, they will occasionally carry around the broken stinging tentacles for defensive or offensive purposes.

Octopus have brains all over their tentacles. They don't keep their brain in one spot like humans. They have about 500 million neurons which work like an internet of brain.

Octopuses don't have tentacles. They have 8 'arms'. There are clear difference between arms and tentacles which can be found on other cephalopods.

Squidward Tentacles (despite his name) is, in fact, an octopus.

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The Blanket Octopus can break tentacles off jellyfish and use it as a weapon

Octopuses have eight arms. To call those arms as tentacles is wrong! Squids have tentacles (and arms), not octopuses.

Among other things, that octopus use 2 tentacles as legs and the 6 others as arms

A record-holding octopus caught in Japan having 96 tentacles in total.

Octopuses have no tentacles, 8 arms, 3 hearts and blue blood

An Octopus' tentacles can act independently, even after the animal has died and the arms have been severed from the body.

A massive Sitka spruce with branches growing like giant tentacles from its 50-foot base known as The Octopus Tree.

Octopus doesn't have any tentacles are of those are technically arms

A Russian Scientist claims his team captured a highly intelligent man eating, shape shifting, hypnotizing, 14 Tentacle having Giant Octopus known as "Organism 46-B" in Lake Vostok Antarctica. But the Russian Government seized the creature and intends to use it for Military use.

Squidward Q. Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants is an octopus, and not a squid.

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