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The inspiration for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's character in the Disney film Moana, Maui, a demigod in Polynesian culture, according to Maori Legend, died after he was crushed by the obsidian teeth of another god's vagina while in the form of a worm, trying to win immortality for humans.

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Obsidian is commonly used during surgical procedures because it is often sharper than traditional surgical tools.

What is obsidian rock?

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  1. The appearance of obsidian is based on the chemical composition of the magma that cooled to make the rock.

  2. Sometimes obsidian is erupted directly from a volcano.

  3. Tiny gas bubbles that trap water are a part of every obsidian rock.

  4. Mayan weapons were made from volcanic rock or obsidian.

  5. Obsidian flows are so slow that often other obsidian flows will occur on top of each other causing a streaked appearance in the obsidian rock.

  6. Seventy percent of obsidian rock is made of silica.

  7. The eruptions not only produce rhyolite, but also can produce pumice, obsidian, or tuff. They all have similar compositions but different cooling conditions.

  8. Although most rocks that form in the Earth's crust are very old, obsidian is rarely older than 20 million years old which is young for a rock.

  9. Obsidian is used as a gemstone in jewelry.

  10. The best obsidian is formed underground near a volcanic vent because those rocks will have limited impurities.

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What is obsidian rock made of?

Why is obsidian a felsic rock?

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Obsidian can only form near active volcanoes.

Different varieties of obsidian rock get their names from their appearance.

Obsidian is also known as "nature's glass" because of its glassy appearance.

When obsidian breaks, the fractures are very sharp which is why it was used as tools in the Stone Age.

Effusive eruptions produce the rhyolite or the obsidian if the lava cools rapidly, but all the rocks can be found following a single eruption.

When was the first obsidian rock found?

Obsidian goes through a process called devitrification whereby it turns from glass to a rock.

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