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Alfred Nobel, who stabilized Nitroglycerin, was told by his Doctor to eat NG to treat his heart complications. He refused. Decades later, NG proved to be effective in reducing the blockages that lead to a heart attack. The scientist that discovered this was awarded the Nobel Prize.

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In 2005 a blogger named Simon Ng blogged about his sister's ex-boyfriend coming over 3 hours before the ex murdered him and his sister. His final blog post led police to apprehend their murderer.

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  1. Ng Chhaidy, A girl from Mizoram, India, who went missing in the jungle at the age of 4, and was found 38 years later.

  2. National Geographic editors will use art work found online, credit someone other than the creator, claim "innocent infringement", offer the creator a pittance to go away, and if they don't then NG will then spend a fortune fighting the artist in court to prove they're not entitled to anything.

  3. There is significantly more hormones in some plants we eat than from beef implanted with growth promoting hormones in life. (2000ng of estrogen in 3oz cabbage vs 1.9ng in 3oz implanted beef)

  4. That from 1923 to 1939, the 45th Infantry Division (NG unit with members from OK, NM, CO and AZ) proudly wore a yellow swastika, an ancient Indian symbol of good luck, on a red background. Due to the rise of the Nazis, it was abandoned and a yellow Thunderbird was selected as the new insignia.

  5. The mass-murderer Charles Ng (currently on death row in San Quentin) cost the state of California 20,000,000 USD to ensure he had a fair trial.

  6. Irene Ng, the lead actress from The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, went to Harvard after she quit acting, worked for Merrill Lynch, then opened a mandarin preschool in Connecticut.

  7. The Re Ng extradition, the only case of Canada extraditing a person to a place where they might face capital punishment after the implementation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  8. The hippopotamus is the most dangerous mammal in Africa towards humans, per NG

  9. In 2015 82.8% of Canada's electricty was powered by a combination of Wind, Solar, Hydro(Mostly), Nuclear and Biomass. (The Rest is NG and Coal)

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