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Swansea Jack, a black retriever that lived in Newfoundland, Canada in the 1930's. The dog is credited with rescuing an estimated 27 people from drowning during his seven-year lifetime. He was named 'Dog of the Century' in 2000

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after airspace was closed after the attacks of 9/11, 38 planes were diverted to a large dormant airport in Newfoundland Canada and the residents of Gander in Newfoundland welcomed in nearly 7,000 people into their homes and schools to stay while they where stranded for 6 days.

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  1. Famous Chess Player Igor Ivanov Defected To Canada In 1980 While Traveling Home To Moscow On A Czechoslovakian Airliner. His Plane Made An Emergency Stop in Newfoundland, Canada. Taking The Chance, He Ran From The Plane While Being Chased By KGB Agents and Was Granted Political Asylum

  2. The Vikings were the first Europeans in North America landing in modern-day Newfoundland in Canada, beating Christopher Columbus by 500 years.

  3. Dildo, unincorporated town in Newfoundland, Canada, population 1,198. “In the 20th century there were several campaigns to change the name, though all failed”

  4. When Newfoundland agreed to be annexed by Canada in 1949, one of the conditions was that Islanders continue to be allowed to produce and sell margarine

  5. In 1932 a riot invaded Newfoundland's government building. The prime minister barely escaped injury and resigned. In 1933 the country—like Canada, an independent English-speaking country neighboring the US—gave up self-government and voluntarily became a British colony again.

  6. Canada is so big that Cape Spear, Newfoundland is closer to London than to Vancouver.

  7. Dildo, Newfoundland, in Canada, hosts an annual festival known as Dildo Days, which is of course led by the whimsical mascot, Captain Dildo.

  8. On his 1534 voyage to Canada Jacques Cartier explored Newfoundland, P.E.I., and made his way up the St. Lawrence River.

  9. Newfoundland was originally granted independence as a separate country from Canada, but chose to rejoin the UK during the Great Depression. It proceeded to be independent again in 1949, and joined Canada, 82 years after Canadian Independence.

  10. On June 17th, 1928 Amelia Earhart left Trepassey Harbor in Newfoundland, Canada aboard the airplane ‘Friendship" with Bill Stultz (pilot) and Slim Gordon (co-pilot). 21 hours later the plane arrived at Burry Port, Wales, United Kingdom.

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What year did newfoundland join canada?

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There is French territory just off 23 km off the Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. These islands have a population of 6000 and use the Euro.

Although Newfoundland was a British Dominion when the Atlantic Charter was announced, it would not become part of Canada until 1949.

When Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949, one of the conditions of the union was that Newfoundland be able to manufacture margarine, which was illegal in the rest of Canada. - source

In 1775 Newfoundland suffered 4,000+ deaths thanks to the first ever record Hurricane in Canada, and it's most deadliest. It is also the 8th deadliest on record.

About Weather Station Kurt which was a secret weather station set up in what is now Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador Province during WWII by the Germans. It was not discovered until 1981. - source

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Amelia Earhart wanted to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She left May 20th, 1932 from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada. Her plane was a single-engine red Lockheed Vega.

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In 1947, prior to their union with Canada, a poll showed that 80% of Newfoundlanders wanted to join the United States.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland, Canada. It is the only remnant of the former colonial empire of New France that remains under French control.

Pierre, Miquelon and Langlade, tiny islands that as France's last foothold in North America, Some 4000km from France. they use the euro, have cobbled streets, 23 km from Newfoundland, Canada.

About the town of Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada and their annual waterfront festival known as Dildo Days. A flotilla of boats circles the bay, led by a wooden statue of a certain Captain Dildo.

Canada is the Iroquois word for land. Canada is Land, founded alongside Newfoundland.

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Today in 1949 the Dominion of Newfoundland became a province of its neighbor, Canada

George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America

14 years ago today, the Gander airport in Newfoundland Canada said goodbye to the 7,000 American people forced to land their planes and jumbo liners in their city with a total population less than 10,000.

Prior to April 15th 1923, traffic moved to the left side of the road in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Newfoundland drove on the left until 1947.

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There is a town in Newfoundland, Canada called "Come By Chance", population 265

The original Landsat program found an previously unknown island near Newfoundland, Canada. A scientist was sent to investigate the island, only to find a polar bear who took a swat at the scientist. The island is now named "Landsat Island", but was very nearly called Polar Island instead.

The only part of New France still under French Control is an archipelago 16 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It is called Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and it is the only place in North America where the guillotine was ever used.

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France near the province of Newfoundland, Canada

Mummering" is a Christmas tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada where groups dress up in odd outfits including sheets over their heads and go house to house drinking, eating, and partying.

The Churchill Falls controversy in Canada. The hydroelectric power station is in Newfoundland, but Quebec receives $1.7 billion (97%) of the annual profit while Newfoundland receives $63 million (3%). Despite several lawsuits, Newfoundland cannot renegotiate the contract until 2041.

One of Newfoundland's conditions to join Canada was a constitutional protection to manufacture...margarine.

In 1929 a tsunami struck Newfoundland, Canada, floating houses out to sea and killing 28 people.

George Street in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America.

A small island off the northern tip of Newfoundland Canada is the northernmost peak of the Appalachian Mountains.

Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) has a time zone of -3.5!

The oldest soccer stadium in North America is King George V Park located in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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