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In 1963, at the height of the Cold War, the US military launched a ring of 480million needles into orbit around the earth. It was hoped they would more reliably bounce radio signals back to earth in case the Soviets cut through undersea cables. Multiple clumps of these needles are still up there

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In the 1960's the US shot millions of copper needles into orbit to reflect communication signals. For a short time, Earth had a ring.

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  1. Project West Ford in Which The US Military Placed 480,000,000 Needles of Copper Into Medium Earth Orbit, In Hopes of Creating an Artificial Ionosphere For Radio

  2. The United States launched 480 million needles into orbit during the cold war in an attempt to create an artificial ionosphere to counter Soviet sabotage of communications. Some clumps are still in orbit and are a contributor to space debris

  3. In 1961 the US created an artificial ionosphere above Earth to protect satellite communications by using needles, and several million needles still orbit earth as space debris

  4. Project West Ford, a US government project to create an artificial ionosphere by launching millions of needles into the atmosphere in 1960-63, subsequently creating a substantial amount of orbital debris.

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