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Snails’ teeth are the strongest natural material on Earth, able to withstand pressures high enough to turn carbon into diamond.

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Sea otters are one of the only natural predators of sea urchins which makes them a keystone species in helping to maintain the balance of kelp ecosystems. Because they help maintain the kelp ecosystem, they are indirectly helping to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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  1. Perrier mineral water is naturally carbonated under the ground and wells up through a spring already fizzy.

  2. Linoleum is made of only natural ingredients, like flaxseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, cork dust, calcium carbonate and natural pigments, which makes it a very environmental friendly flooring, on the contrary to vinyl with which it is often confused.

  3. San Pellegrino is naturally carbonated from the moment it comes out of the ground

  4. In future millenia, carbon dating specimens from our lifetime may not be possible because of the altering of current natural Carbon-14 levels by nuclear weapons and nuclear/fossil fuel power plants.

  5. There is a rare type of natural disaster called a Limnic Eruption where large amounts of carbon dioxide are released that suffocates all nearby animals. The worst occurrence killed 1,700 people.

  6. Now, nuclear magnetic resonance is one of the most commonly used ways to determine carbon compound results as hydrogen and carbon both exist in a natural state with the isotopes that respond to NMR indicators.

  7. Cultured pearls only have a thin layer of nacre (the pearly calcium carbonate) over a non-pearl body while natural pearls are nacre almost all the way through.

  8. The reason the suicide method of sticking your head in the oven is no longer used is because current gas supplies are natural gas (Methane), but the supply used to be coal gas which is a mixture of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide being the lethal component.

  9. Many various techniques had to be developed in order to evaluate the naturally occurring mixture form of many carbon-based organic compounds.

  10. The three forms of carbon found freely in nature are the amorphous, graphite, and diamond, and each form has vastly different properties.

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1,700 people suffocated to death in 1986 from a Limnic Eruption - a natural disaster where a huge carbon dioxide cloud erupts from underneath a lake and fills the atmosphere.

Faraday studied the nature of chlorine and in 1820 reported the first synthetic compound of chlorine and carbon.

An experiment testing evolution by natural selection has been running continuously since 1988. Over 60k generations it has demonstrated evolution of many traits including using citric acid as a carbon source in an aerobic environment

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The peatland ecosystem is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet, because peatland plants capture CO2 naturally released from the peat, maintaining an equilibrium.

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Carbon has two naturally occurring stale isotopes on Earth, one of which (carbon-12) accounts for 98% of the carbon found in nature.

There is a natural oil seep off Santa Barbara that has been dumping 25 tons of oil and 60 tons of carbon gasses in to the ocean every single day for hundreds of thousands of years

Seals naturally have about the same amount of carbon monoxide in their blood as a human who smokes 40 cigarettes per day

Diamonds can be created from human ashes using carbon refinement. A High-Pressure, High-Temperature press is used to simulate a natural environment for turning the carbon into a memorial diamond.

Perrier water is naturally carbonated, but CO2 taken out during purification, and then added back in artificially for bottling.

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The first whitewall tires looked the way they did because zinc oxide, a pure white substance, was added to natural rubber to increase traction, but carbon black was added to the tread to improve endurance.

In 1986, 1,700 people died of asphyxiation in Cameroon by a large cloud of carbon dioxide that was emitted from nearby Lake Nyos. This was the first known large-scale asphyxiation caused by a natural event.

San Pellegrino has smaller bubbles than Perrier. Perrier also is naturally carbonated which is why there isn't a distinctly salty taste when you drink it the next day.

Nanotechnology has found a way to make Carbon stronger than diamond (which is the strongest natural material we know today)!

Natural gas, a cheap and available fossil fuel extensively mined in the USA, produces roughly 50% LESS climate changing carbon dioxide than coal, and that most coal-powered power plants can be converted to run on it.

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When you or a loved one dies, the remains can be turned into diamonds using high-tech industrial machines that can transform carbon from human ashes into diamond gems that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds.

That, all over the world, there are natural springs of carbonated water (example: Hooper Spring, Idaho).

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