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In 2012, the National Reconnaissance Office declassified and donated two unused, obsolete telescopes to NASA. Both are better than the Hubble.

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The US gov't has another space agency that was classified until 1992 - The National Reconnaissance Office

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  1. In 2013, the US National Reconnaissance Office launched a spy satellite who's mission logo featured a giant octopus latched onto the Earth with the motto "Nothing is Beyond Our Reach".

  2. The Titanium used to make the A-12 Oxcart & SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance planes came from Russia using a number of front companies. [Source: recently declassified documentary from the National Reconnaissance Office]

  3. in 2012 the National Reconnaissance Office declassified and donated two obsolete telescopes to NASA. Both are superior to the Hubble.

  4. The National Reconnaissance Office has successfully launched 15 satellites into orbit that were built with specifications similar to those of the Hubble Space Telescope. The first satellite was launched 14 years earlier than Hubble, four are still in orbit, and all point directly at Earth.

  5. USAF and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) participated in the design of NASA's space shuttle throughout the 1970 and used space shuttle missions to covertly launch US spy satellites.

  6. The National Reconnaissance Office donated 2 unused spy satellites to NASA in 2012; after refurbishment is complete, they will be launched as space telescopes

  7. In 2012, the National Reconnaissance Office donated two unused "telescope" bodies to NASA for potential future use as space telescopes.

  8. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) of the U.S. Department of Defense was planning an exercise on September 11, 2001 involving a simulated aircraft crash into one of its buildings to test the employees' response to a disaster by finding the alternate routes during the building's evacuation.

  9. The National Reconnaissance Office has launched as many as 18 space telescopes all approximately the same size as Hubble and that Hubble itself may derive from the secret KH-11 reconnaissance satellites

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In August 2011, NASA accepted the donation of two space telescopes from the National Reconnaissance Office. Despite being stored unused, the instruments are superior to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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