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There's an Australian moth (Uraba lugens) that wears its previous heads as a hat. They call it the Mad Hatterpillar.

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Various butterfly and moth species can be found in Costa Rica and Chirripo National Park including the green page moth, owl butterfly, violet sabrewing, monarch butterfly, and chestnut headed oropendola.

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  1. About a leaf-eating moth caterpillar called Uraba lugens that keeps its old heads whenever it sheds its exoskeleton and stacks them on its head. It is referred to as "The Mad Hatterpillar."

  2. Moths have feathery or filament-like antennas on the head. Antennas are equipped with scent receptors that facilitate finding of food and partners. Moths are able to detect females that are 7 miles away thanks to exceptional sense of smell.

  3. The Winter-worm, a parasitic fungus that infects Ghost Moth caterpillars and drives them to the soils surface to sprout a fruiting body from the caterpillars head. It is used in extremely expensive Chinese medicines and is worth four times it's weight in silver.

  4. Deaths head hawk moths squeak, and it's adorable

  5. There is a moth called Neopalpa donaldtrumpi which is known for its distinctive blonde head and "comparatively small" genitals.

  6. when a hawk moth caterpillar feels threatened, its body swells up taking the shape of a pit viper's head, with two huge black markings appearing as the snakes' eyes. The caterpillar also turns itself over to reveal its belly, completely transforming itself into a menacing predator.

  7. There are species of moths called Death's Head Moths. These moths are easily distinguishable by the vaguely human skull-shaped pattern of markings on the thorax.

  8. About a species of moth called Neopalpa donaldtrumpi. "[The scientist] chose the name because the moth's head cover reminded him of the hair of then President-elect Donald Trump."

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