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Scientists have forced naked mole rats to live in concentrated areas of radiation and injected with carcinogens, but they have never developed cancer. They tolerate acid, live 6 times longer than other rodents, they survive long periods of oxygen deprivation and can live in heavy polluted areas.

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The naked mole rat is unable to feel pain, is the only known thermoconforming mammal, is resistant to cancer, and possesses extraordinary longevity for a rodent.

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  1. A Naked Mole Rat can survive up-to 18 minutes without oxygen by dropping its heart rate and switching to fructose based anaerobic respiration. It's also the only known cold-blooded mammal.

  2. Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging - They rarely get cancer, are resistant to some types of pain, and can survive up to 18 minutes without oxygen. But perhaps their greatest feat, a new paper suggests, is that they don't age. Naked mole-rat mortality rates do not increase with age.

  3. The naked mole-rat is the only eusocial, thermoconforming mammal, they are highly insensitive to pain, very resistant to cancer, and a single potato can last a colony up to 7 years

  4. There's a Russian "platypus", the Desman is nearly blind, aquatic and looks like a cross between an anteater, a mole and a river rat.

  5. Naked mole rats are NOT blind, are NOT moles or rats or totally hairless, and can move their incisors separately or together like chopsticks. Oh, and they're resistant to cancer.

  6. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society that aims to conserve less charismatic species, trying to bring attention to "some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children." Species include the naked mole rat, the blobfish and the Titicaca 'scrotum' water frog.

  7. Naked mole rats live in complex underground tunnels that stretch 2 to 3 miles in length.

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Animals that can be seen in Ranthambore National Park include tigers, leopards, sloth bears, black bucks, flying foxes, Indian porcupines, striped hyenas, jackals, jungle cats, wild boar, civets, desert cats, macaques, mole rats, and many more species.

A scientist by the name of Richard Alexander theorized the existence of the naked mole rat (including location, lifestyle, habitat, diet, predators, and social structure before he knew they existed - source

Naked mole rat can reach 3 to 3.5 inches in length and 1.2 to 2.8 ounces of weight. It has rat-like tail that is usually 1.1 to 1.7 inches long.

Naked mole rats have small eyes and poor eyesight, but they have excellent sense of smell, hearing and touch.

Naked mole rats form colonies of 20 to 300 individuals. They live in organized society with established hierarchy (like ants).

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Naked mole rats fight fiercely against intruders and predators (such as snakes). In the case of danger, guards will form defensive wall that is made of piled bodies and expose their big front teeth. They will emit alarm calls to inform other members of the group about upcoming danger.

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Naked mole rats literally do not age. They are the only mammalian species with this characteristic.

Wrinkled pinkish skin of naked mole rats is covered with around 100 hairs on the head and tail. These hairs function as sensory organ which facilitates orientation in the dark underground environment.

Females construct fibrous, ball-shaped nests made of grass under the fallen trees and rocks or inside abandoned burrows of moles and pocket gopher.

Naked Mole Rats Can Survive for More than Five Hours Without Oxygen. The reason was found out that the strange animals metabolize fructose to turn into energy just like plants.

Mole Rats live in an eusocial structure that is similar to ants and bees. They are the only mammals who exhibit such ecology.

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Mole rats live in colonies with a queen and only the queen can reproduce. They also have evolved to be very insensitive to pain.

Naked mole-rats don't appear to age. Unlike other mammals, they show no physiological decline and their mortality rate doesn't increase as they grow older.

Naked mole rats consume roots, tubers and rhizomes which provide both nutrients and water.

Pine snakes are carnivores (meat-eaters). They eat mice, rats, moles, birds and their eggs, amphibians and lizards.

Naked mole rats can survive with basically no oxygen and that their incisors can be moved independently of each other.

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Naked mole rats have long incisors that grow throughout the whole life. Incisors can move independently and act like a chopsticks.

Naked mole rats can live up to 30 years and are immune to cancer.

Chinese mountain cat is a carnivore (meat eater). Its diet is based on rodents such as mole rats, picas and voles. These cats also hunt birds such as pheasants.

Naked mole rats can't feel wassabi's painful kick, hydrochloric acid burns, or hardly aby pain at all.

Naked mole rats are cancer-resistant, and they are impervious to some types of pain

Naked mole-rat was named "Vertebrate of Year" in 2013 by the journal Science. The award was given after two discoveries regarding the innate resistance to cancer of the naked mole-rate.

Naked mole rats are the only mammals that have no pain receptors in their skin.

Naked and Damaraland mole-rats are the only known eusocial mammals, the highest classification of sociality.

Naked mole rat can survive more than 20 years in the wild. These animals are very healthy and even resistant to cancer.

Blind mole rats have the ability to sense the earth's magnetic field and use it for navigation when traveling long distances underground.

Naked mole rats are the only cold-blooded mammal known to exist. Also, they're neither moles nor rats and behave more like wasps or ants than mammals.

Naked mole rats have toilet areas in their tunnels.

Seattle's Pacific Science Center has a naked mole rat cam

Naked mole rats and humans share a bizarre genetic mutation. Unlocking its workings could help solve human forms of autism, epilepsy, and schizophrenia

Naked mole rats can stay cancer free due to secreting a super sugar molecule that prevents cells from overcrowding and forming tumors. Researchers believe they evolved higher concentrations of this molecule in the skin to provide the skin elasticity needed for life in underground tunnels.

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