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There is a species of mite that lives on your face that has no Anus and collects poo throughout its life, when it dies it "explodes" with waste

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Thousands and thousands of mites closely related to spiders live in the pores of your face. They come out at night to mate and lay their eggs. Scientists aren't sure of their purpose or what they eat

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  1. Not making your bed in the morning can reduce the number of dust mites living in your sheets

  2. Mimolette is a French cheese with living mites on the surface, which is why it's banned in America.

  3. Demodex mites—the creatures that live in our eyelashes, hair follicles and oil glands—emerge at night to have sex while we sleep, then return “home” to eat and lay eggs.

  4. Tiny mites related to spiders that live in the pores of the human face. They feed on the oil in skin, and crawl on the face at night to mate, lay eggs and die

  5. About Demodex mites that live on your face. These mites have no anus so they don't poop. Instead, it stores its waste in large cells within its gut. They also have sex on your face and it takes them half a day to go from your ear to your nose.

  6. We have mites that live in our pores. They eat dead skin and eyelashes/eyebrows. They are not considered parasites because humans are not negatively affected.

  7. We all have mites living in our faces. African Americans, despite not having seen Africa in generations, still host African mites and while African and Asians can host European face mites, the reverse is not true.

  8. We all have Demodex, face mites, living in our hair and eyebrows eating away dead skin cells. We aren't born with them, but attract them from close contact with other mammals over the years

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The world's soil contains almost 1/3 of all living organisms but only about 1% of its micro-organisms have been identified. A teaspoon of soil may have billions of microbes divided among 5,000 different types, thousands of species of fungi and protozoa, nematodes, mites and a couple of termites. - source

To count mites on bees, apiarists can fill a jar with "half a cup of live bees, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, and shake vigorously to dislodge the mites"

There are mites that live on your face. They have no anus and never poo. They fill up with waste and then die. - source

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We have mites that live on our face and eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Nearly every person on earth has a population of skin mites living on their skin. Called Demodex, they live and lay eggs inside the pores, and will crawl out onto the skin's surface to mate while people sleep.

There are small face mites called Demodex that live on our faces from birth to death

According to one study, 1/3 of children, 1/2 of adults, and 2/3 of the elderly carry Demodex parasites, which are semi-transparent mites that live on or near the pores of mammals. They almost always go unobserved without any adverse symptoms.

Every human has mites that live and lay eggs in their skin and hair follicles.

Spider mites, tiny spiders that live in huge colonies and invade indoor plants and lawns.

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Eyelash Mites' are parasites which live on the face and in hair follicles of humans. Throughout studies, roughly a third of children and young adults, half of adults, and two-thirds of elderly people were proven to be hosts of the Demodex mites.

Thousands of microscopic mites live on your face

Nearly every person on earth has a population of skin mites living on their skin. Called Demodex, they live and lay eggs inside the pores, and will crawl out onto the skin's surface to mate while people sleep.

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