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There is a mathematical "game" called the homicidal chauffer problem, in which a driver in a fast but slow-turning car tries to run over a slower pedestrian who has more freedom of motion. It is used to improve missile guidance systems.

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The bassist of 1970's rock band Iron Butterfly developed missile guidance systems and software based digital video compression, was rumored to have disappeared in time travel attempt.

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  1. Project Pigeon, where pigeons were taught how to steer missiles and target ships. These pigeons were then used in some of America's first guided missiles in the 1940's until electronic guidance systems became more reliable.

  2. Before automated guidance systems were invented, there was an attempt to use pigeons to guide missiles towards the target.

  3. Air Force one can withstand a nuclear blast from the ground, has 2 exits in the front with fold down stairs so they never rely on airport stairs, along with flares and mirror ball defense technology to scramble infrared missile guidance systems.

  4. During WWII, Americans initiated Project Orcon which entailed a missile guidance system controlled by pigeons - in which the trained bird pecked at levers to regulate the direction of the explosive-laden object.

  5. Before missile guidance systems became sufficiently advanced, the US Air Force developed the AIR-2 Genie, a 1.5 kiloton nuclear air-to-air rocket with a kill radius of ~300 meters, to defend against formations of Soviet bombers. The single test detonation was captured on film.

  6. Nazi Germany was actually attempting to develop guided anti-aircraft missiles. None of them passed the prototype stage due to the difficulty of finding solutions to problems like a proper guidance system.

  7. In WW2 pigeons were used for missile guidance: Project Pigeon taught pigeons to peck a screen inside the missile as a means on steering

  8. During WW2 B.F Skinner created a pidgeon missile guidance system.

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