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Since Milton Hershey didn't have any children he and his wife opened an orphanage school and when he died, he left his entire fortune and the ownership of Hershey Chocolate Company in a trust for the children in the school. Still today 70% of the company is owned by Milton Hershey School.

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Milton Hershey kept his employees working during the Great Depression by having them construct buildings in Hershey, PA including a school, arena and hotel. When a steam shovel was brought in for construction, Hershey told his foreman to get rid of the shovel and hire 40 men instead.

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  1. The Milton Hershey School barred a student, Abbie Bartels was barred from graduating because of her depression and reported suicidal ideations. After learning that she is not allowed to attend graduation, Abbie committed suicide.

  2. Milton Hershey being unable to have children founded the Milton Hershey School for orphans in 1909. He donated 30% of all future Hershey profits. It now has 7 billion in assets, and continues to serve orphans in financial need. Milton also prohibited it's use in any advertising.

  3. Chocolate magnate Milton Hershey launched a 'Great Building Campaign' during the Great Depression with the aim of employing more people. When he was told that a steam shovel being used on a project did the work of 40 men, he instructed his foreman: "Take them off. Hire 40 men."

  4. J.P. Morgan of JPMorgan and Chase Co. Banking and Milton Hershey of Hershey's Chocolate were both in Europe and planned to travel back to the US on Titanic's Maiden Voyage but made other plans.

  5. In 1893 Milton Hershey bought his first chocolate-making equipment after seeing it at the World's Columbian Expo in Chicago.

  6. Milton Hershey owned 60,000 acres of land in Cuba that was used as mills and sugar plantations, from 1916 until 1946, when they were sold.

  7. Milton Hershey died from pneumonia on October 13, 1945 in Hershey Hospital. He was 88 years old.

  8. Milton Hershey became famous for his Crystal A caramel.

  9. In 1886 Milton Hershey opened the Lancaster Caramel Company making caramels with fresh milk.

  10. Reese peanut butter cups are Hershey's most popular confectionary today.

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There are Kiss-shaped lights lining Chocolate Avenue in Derry, with 53 unwrapped and 55 wrapped.

In 1900 Milton Hershey launched his chocolate products and became the first person in America to mass produce milk chocolate products commercially.

In 1900 Milton Hershey sold the Lancaster Caramel Company but kept the rights to make chocolate.

Milton Hershey, founder of The Hershey Company, transferred nearly all of assets to the Milton Hershey School Trust to fund the school so they can provide free education to students.

Milton Hershey created an entire town for his employees, including a recreation center and park, town bank, and he donated money for congregations.

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Construction of the Hershey factory was completed in 1905, covering six acres of land. Today it is 2.2 million square feet.

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During World War 2 Milton Hershey supplied the U.S. military with chocolate. They were called Tropical Chocolate Bars and Ration D Bars.

Milton Hershey was 18 when he started his own confectionary business.

Milton Hershey met his future wife while making a sales call at a store in New York. Her name was Catherine Sweeney. They married in 1898 but were only married for 17 years as she died from a neurological disease.

Milton Hershey, Founder of Hershey's Chocolate, was supposed to be on the Titanic but canceled his tickets at the last minute.

Milton went bankrupt in 1882 and in 1886 but kept on trying new business opportunities.

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Milton Hershey had no children and left most of his fortune to fund the Milton Hershey School, a home for orphan boys as well as a school. The school continues to exist today.

Milton Hershey returned to where he was born and began building what would soon become the world's largest chocolate factory. Derry Township was ideal because of the requirement for large quantities of milk for his chocolate.

In 1912 chocolate magnate Milton Hershey canceled his reservations for the Titanic due to last minute business matters. His company later introduced many chocolate products - Mr Goodbar 1925, Hershey's Syrup 1926, Chocolate Chips 1928, Krackel bar containing crisped rice 1938.

Milton Hershey almost went on the Titanic, but had to cancel due to company matters

About Hershey’s Creamery Company. Despite being founded by the Hershey brothers in the same year AND town, they are not related to Milton Hershey or his chocolate company.

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Milton Hershey established the Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894. It was set up as a subsidiary of the Lancaster Caramel Company.

Milton Hershey of Hershey's Chocolate founded a boarding school for children in need that is directly funded by profits from their chocolates, and is one of the wealthiest schools in the world.

Reese peanut cup founder Harry Burnett Reese used to buy his chocolate from Hershey. In 1963 Reese was sold to Hershey.

Milton Hershey, founder of the famous chocolate brand, almost traveled on the Titanic but ended up having to leave for America earlier than expected

The creator of Hershey's Chocolate, Milton S. Hershey, almost sailed for the RMS Titanic.

In 1916, Milton Hershey built a sugar mill and model town in Cuba named after himself, along with a 57-mile electric railway to Havana to transport sugar to port. The town is in ruins but the railway is still operational.

Roald Dahl, Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was born on the same day as Milton S. Hershey, founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company.

Milton Hershey, creator of the Hershey's Bar, had an employee named Harry Reese, who, inspired by Mr. Hershey's success, went on to create Reese's Cups.

There's a town called Hershey, Cuba which was founded by U.S. chocolate tycoon Milton S. Hershey

Milton Hershey founded a school for underprivileged youths that allows them to overcome their circumstances. Also, my grandfather was an orphan that was able to get out of his horrendous circumstances by being accepted to this school.

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