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Rapper Chamillionaire is a successful tech investor. One of his early investments, Maker Studios, recently sold to Disney for over $500 million. He's currently the "“Entrepreneur in Residence" at a venture capital firm.

Youtuber KassemG stopped making videos after selling his company "Maker Studios" to Disney for $500m

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  1. Pewdiepie's channel is owned by Maker Studios, a subsidiary of Disney

  2. Disney owns The muppets, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Maker studios, which in turn owns Polaris

  3. Shay Butler, better known online as Shay Carl, started a production company called Maker Studios. The studio went on to produce hit YouTube series like Epic Rap Battles of History before being bought by Disney for $500 million.

  4. Chamillionaire is a successful entrepreneur. He was one of the earliest co-investors in Maker Studios.

  5. In 1993 animation studio Toon Makers tried to release a pilot of their own American live action/animated version of Sailor Moon. You can still watch the hilarious intro online.

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