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An 8 months Pregnant Mary Turner protested the lynching of her innocent husband Hayes Turner by a White mob in 1918 and threatened to have them arrested. In order to “teach her a lesson”, she and her unborn child were brutally murdered. No one was charged.

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In 1918, a black man named Laurence C. Jones survived a lynching attempt from a White mob by convincing them of his passion to educate Black kids. The mob ended up collecting money for his cause.

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  1. A mob from a nearby county threatened to lynch Black newspaper editor John Mitchell Jr. for writing an editorial condemning a lynching. Armed with two pistols, he then traveled to that same county to report on the lynching on-site.

  2. In 1855 the mayor of Los Angeles, Stephen Foster, convinced a mob to not kill an accused murderer, but to try him in a court of law. When the accused man was acquitted, the mayor resigned and led a lynch mob to kill the man. He was re-elected a year later.

  3. In 1918, a black man named Laurence C Jones survived a lynching attempt from a white mob by convincing them of his passion to educate Black kids. The mob ended up collecting money for his cause.

  4. About the 1918 public lynching of Mary Turner. Turner (8 months pregnant) was hung upside down and set on fire. While still alive, her abdomen was cut open, causing her child to fall to the ground where she watched the lynch mob stomp him to death.

  5. James Cameron, the only known survivor of a lynching attempt, who had a noose around his neck when an unidentified woman rescued him from a mob of over 10,000 people

  6. Robert Smalls, a slave during the Civil War who escaped by commandeering a Confederate transport ship, persuaded Lincoln to allow African-Americans in the army, and later became a US House Representative. One of his final actions as a leader was to stop a lynch mob from killing two black men.

  7. A white man, after attempting to lynch a black woman by breaking into her home and setting it on fire, was lynched in retaliation by a mob from the woman's home town

  8. After Algeria won independence, it committed systematic genocide against Muslims supporting the French. 30,000 to 150,000 were murdered by lynch mobs. The French army disobeyed orders not to intervene and rescued some 90,000 Muslims to France. Algeria refuses to let them return to this day.

  9. Cats were very revered in Ancient Egypt. A mob lynched a Roman for accidentally killing a cat even though the Pharaoh Ptolemy XII tried to dissuade them.

  10. In 1854, the Mayor of Los Angeles resigned to lead a lynch mob and then was re-elected

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In 1915, after the Governor of Georgia commuted the death sentence of a Jew because of insufficient evidence, a mob kidnapped the prisoner and lynched him. The mob, who also drove the Governor out of the state, included clergymen, two former judges, and an ex-sheriff.

The lynching of Postmaster Frazier B. Baker and his infant daughter. Frazier was appointed postmaster of Lake City, South Carolina in 1897. Local whites objected and had undertaken a campaign to force his removal. When efforts failed to dislodge Baker, a mob attacked him and his family. - source

At least 8 people suspected of being vampires were killed by lynch mobs in Malawi last year. - source

Canada has only experienced one lynching in its history- in 1884, when a mob from The United States crossed the border into Brittish Columbia to lynch an indian teen who had fled after being accused of murder.

The U.S. Supreme Court has conducted a criminal trial only once in its history: a contempt of court charge against a local sheriff and others who ignored the court's stay of execution and allowed a lynch mob to murder a later exonerated man. - source

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In 1933, an angry mob invaded a county jail to lynch two kidnappers/murderers in San Jose, CA. When asked if the National Guard would stop the lynching, Governor James Rolph retorted that he'd pardon all 15,000 participants.

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The supreme court once conducted a criminal trial. U.S. v. Shipp tried a Chattanooga Sheriff in 1906 for willfully allowing a lynch mob access to a black man who was preparing to appeal his conviction to the supreme court.

Woody Guthrie's father was in a lynch mob that hung a woman and her son off a bridge in Oklahoma.

After Wild West outlaw Big Nose George was hanged by a lynch mob, he was made into a pair of shoes

In 1871, a mob of over 500 men lynched 17 Chinese men and boys in Los Angeles. All convictions were later thrown out.

Mary Turner, an 8-months pregnant woman who was lynched by a white mob in Georgia. Her unborn baby was also brutally murdered after being cut out of her.

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After Old West outlaw "Big Nose George" was lynched by a mob, skin from his thighs and chest (including the nipples) was sent to a tannery in Denver, where it was made into a medical bag and a pair of shoes. The shoes were worn by Wyoming's first governor at his inaugural ball.

Joe Pullen, an African-American tenant farmer who was murdered by a lynch mob, managed to injure 11 and kill 3 of the mob before capture.

Ida B Wells" friend and his two business partners were murdered by a lynch mob after shooting white men who attacked their store. This fuelled her interest in her anti-lynching crusade.

When a national rail strike occurred in 1946, President Truman was so enraged, he almost called for veterans to form a lynch mob and destroy the union leaders. "Let's put transportation and production back to work, hang a few traitors and make our own country safe for democracy."

Lynchings in America were not always done with the noose - Spanish-American war veteran Fred Alexander was mutilated and then burned at the stake in 1901 in Leavenworth, Kansas by a mob of 5,000 people

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After being deposed by the Orangists during the "Year of Disaster", Johan de Witt (Grand Pensionary of the Dutch Republic) and his brother Cornelis were lynched by a mob, their bodies mutilated and allegedly cannibalized.

A pregnant woman named Mary Turner was lynched by hundreds of people in Georgia for publicly opposing the lynching of her husband. She was caught and tied to a tree, doused her on fire, a member of the mob cut her abdomen, and the unborn baby was stomped on the ground after it gave a cry.

A History teacher in São Paulo, Brazil was misidentified as a thief while out for a jog, and had to give a 3-minute lesson on the French Revolution to convince a lynch mob that he was a productive member of society.

The first aerial bombing to take place on American soil was in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1920, against an affluent Black community by a lynch mob inspired by the KKK over a misrepresented incident involving a black teen by a local newspaper.

In 1918, a black man named Lawrence C. Jones survived a lynching attempt from a white mob by convincing them of his passion to educate black children. Instead of lynching him, the mob ended up collecting money for his cause

The Moore's Ford lynchings. Two African-American couples, one pregnant, got murdered by a white mob. They were shot at point-blank range and the fetus was cut out of the womb

About the 2015 Dadri Mob Lynching in which a mob of villagers attacked the home of a Muslim man and killed him with sticks and bricks, who they suspected of stealing and slaughtering a stolen cow calf. Later, the government's inquiry concluded that he was not storing beef for consumption

Only one and 4 of the 4,743 Americans killed by lynch mobs between 1882 and 1968 were black.

Reddit turned into a giant lynch mob after the Boston Marathon Bombing and started making accusations of random people without any facts. 10 people ended up deported

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