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Country Time Lemonade once offered free legal assistance when children’s lemonade stands were being ticketed by local governments. The titled the service, Legalaid.

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A man, Joaquin Garcia, skipped work for six years and nobody noticed until he won an award for twenty years of loyal service. During the six years he quietly collected a $41,500 annual salary from his local government without showing up for work.

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  1. An 11 year old girl in Nova Scotia, when told she couldn't swim in her local river, initiated testing of the river for fecal contaminants. After the samples tested above allowable limits, three levels of government committed $15 million to install 600 septic tanks along the river.

  2. Japan requires citizens between the ages of 45 and 74 to have their waistlines measured once a year and are expected to fall within an established range. Companies and local governments may face fines if their employees are overweight and do not meet these guidelines.

  3. Oral tradition in Kenya tells that 20 shipwrecked Chinese sailors washed up on shore in the 15th century and were given permission to settle and marry into local tribes. DNA tests conducted by China's government in 2002 on one of the supposed descendants and found that she was of Chinese descent

  4. In the 1970's, a plane carrying 6,000lbs. of marijuana crashed in a remote area of Yosemite National Park. Local mountaineers, rock climbers, hippies, and drug dealers made excursions to the area to take as much product as they could, all while the US government tried to secure the drugs.

  5. Mexico City's government was so impressed by the Day of the Dead parade in the film Spectre (2015) that they recreated the event for locals and tourists in 2016; 250k people attended the event and it has been annually ongoing ever since.

  6. That, until it was forcibly suppressed during WWI, German was the second most widely spoken language in the USA, with many local governments, schools, and newspapers operating in German.

  7. A village in Mexico, besieged by crime and corruption, cleaned up by blockading the town from criminals and kicking out the mayor, police, and all political parties. Electioneering is banned. Now, the town is self-governed and policed, offers recycling services, and protects the local forests.

  8. In 1946 there was a “Battle of Athens” in a small town in Tennessee. In the face of a corrupt political machine taking over the local government, a group of citizens mostly consisting of WWII veterans took up arms and overthrew the government officials, reinstating free elections.

  9. Pieces of Skylab were scattered around a part of Western Australia after its reentry into Earth. As a joke, the local government then fined NASA $400 for littering. It went unpaid for 30 years until a Californian DJ raised funds to pay the fine.

  10. Citizens of Athens, Tennessee in 1946 lead an armed rebellion against the local government who was accused of using law enforcement to intimidate voters and rig elections.

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The family of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. do not believe that James Earl Ray assassinated King and that the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies were involved. They even urged for Ray be granted a new trial.

British India tried to get rid of cobras by offering a reward for captured snakes. Locals started breeding cobras & giving them to the government to collect the reward. The British found out & stopped the program. The breeders then released their snakes, causing the population to increase - source

In 1943, a new volcano started growing in Hokkaido, Japan. The Imperial Japanese government censored the news because it considered this a bad wartime omen. Therefore, all we know about this volcano's development comes from the records local postmaster Masao Mimatsu made on his own volition. - source

In Japan people must adhere to government-mandated waistline limits. Those who are too fat must attend counseling and support sessions. Local governments and companies that don't meet specific targets are fined

In 2007, after increased local logging, the Brazillian government declared a 31sq mile area off limits to protect the last surviving member of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon - source

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In 2013, the government of Iceland asked several FBI agents to leave after they lied to the local government and told them they were investigating terrorist hackers. It turned out they were investigating wikileaks.

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A map making company in the 1930s placed a made up an hamlet (village) in their maps as a copyright trap. Years later the village started showing up on Rand McNally maps. The originator of the map sued for copyright infringement, but in fact locals and government had adopted and used the name.

When PepsiCo entered India, the Indian government stipulated part of its local profits be used to purchased tomatoes. This requirement worked for PepsiCo, which also owned Pizza Hut at the time.

In the United Kingdom, there exists a satirical political party by the name of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Currently, it holds 7 seats in local governments and its official political position is "Sitting, Facing Forward".

Missouri has extremely loose alcohol laws. Not only is public intoxication legal under state law, but it's illegal for local governments to illegalize it; furthermore, one can drive from St. Louis to Kansas City with an open container, closing it only when passing through five towns.

Carl Johnson was the Director of the Jefferson County, CDPHE. He reported that soil around the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant contained 44 times more plutonium than the government claimed. In 1977 he reported higher-than-average rates of cancer among the local people. In 1981 he was fired.

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People in Japan aged between 40-74 by law have their waist lines measured, if they are found to be over weight their companies and local government can be fined.

In South Dakota there is an annual motorcycle rally that averages almost 10 deaths, 400 arrests, 300 emergency room visits, and tens of millions in revenue for local government.

In 1874, a woman appealed to her local SPCA for help in rescuing an abused, starving child because there was no government social service agencies.

American fruit corporations had so much power in Central America that they were able to blatantly manipulate the local governments and pit them against each other.

Japan has a nationwide warning system named the J-Alert which will inform the public as well as government officials about various threats. It takes 1 second to reach local officials and 4 seconds to reach citizens.

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Signs saying there are "No Public Restrooms" violate local building codes because nearly every government body adopts the International Plumbing Code 2012 403.3

John Brinkley, known for transplanting goat testicles into men, also ran a “border blaster”. His radio station, XER, was permitted to broadcast at one million watts by the Mexican government. Strong enough to be heard as far away as Canada and through metal fences and dental appliances locally.

To combat obesity, Japan enforced an annual waist measurement check on people aged between 40 and 75, administered by employers and local government, with the goal of decreasing Japan's obesity rates by 25% by 2015. Failure to meet those goals resulted in a fine for the administrators.

In 1980, a German reporter by the name of Jurgen Heinzpeter, exposed the atrocities of the South Korean government during the Gawngju Uprising. He snuck into Gwangju with the help of a local taxi driver and documented the killing of civilian protesters.

American Vets fought a battle on our homeland in 1946 with a corrupted local government.

There is a 100 year old group of fraternity members at the University of Alabama called "The Machine" (with alumni rumored to include US senators) that has rigged local government elections, been investigated by the FBI for tapping phones, and forced a local business to shut down

Until it was forcibly suppressed during WWI, German was the second most widely spoken language in the USA, with many local governments, schools, and newspapers operating in German

The Japanese government allows you to send a portion of your taxes to another city and receive local gifts as a thank you

Many state and local governments, particularly in Iowa where radon overconcentration occurs naturally due to glacial movement on granite, have enacted radon-resistant construction legislation.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed on February 10th, 1964. It made it illegal for state or local governments or public facilities to deny access to anyone because of ethnic origin or race. It also made segregation in schools illegal and subject to law suits.

As an adult and shop owner in Delft, van Leeuwenhoek enjoyed some notable local recognition as an upstanding business owner and member of the local government.

Many small towns finance their governments by issuing traffic tickets. In hundreds of US counties fines are used to fund 10-20% of the local government budget.

The U.S. government banned sliced bread in 1943 as a wartime conservation measure. Officials said "the ready-sliced loaf must have a heavier wrapping than an unsliced one if it is not to dry out." Consumers, businesses and local officials objected, and the ban was lifted two months later.

In China, businesses and local governments will often hire white foreigners in events or in their office simply to look more "international".

The 1984 Rajneeshee Bioterror Attack where a cult infected 10 restaurant's salad bars with Salmonella in an attempt to take control of the local government by preventing people from voting in the upcoming election.

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