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When Lincoln's coffin was opened in 1901, his body and clothes were perfectly preserved.

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After an unsuccessful attempt to steal Abraham Lincoln's body in 1874, workers were hired to place the coffin further underground. They could not find a suitable area at first, so they simply set the coffin on the ground and covered it with lumber, disguising it as a woodpile for two years.

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  1. In 1901, while reconstructing Lincoln's tomb, they opened his coffin to confirm he was still in there

  2. Out of fear for the safety of Abraham Lincoln’s remains, his coffin has been opened five times for identification and his remains have been moved 17 times since his original burial.

  3. Due to tomb construction, a plot to steal him, artempts to hide him and a reconstruction, Lincoln's coffin was open 5 times and moved 17 times. Including 11 years in the basement of his tomb, 2 years disguised as a wood pile.

  4. After his death, Abraham Lincoln's coffin has been moved 17 times opened 5 times and almost stolen once.

  5. Kim Jong-il's coffin was carried on a US made 1970's Lincoln Continental

  6. In 1857, and ailing US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B Taney wrote a decision in defense of slavery intended to nail the coffin shut on abolitionism. He survived long enough to swear into office Abraham Lincoln, whose election his judgment had helped achieve.

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