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The Amazon River once flowed into the Pacific Ocean, but was dammed up by the newly formed Andes Mountains. The Amazon's basin then became a giant lake until it eroded away sandstone to the west, letting the lake drain into the Atlantic and forming the modern river.

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In 1980 after a simple miscalculation, a drilling company accidentally punctured the roof of a salt mine on Lake Peigneur, draining 2.5 million gallons in less than 3 hours. The whirlpool was so strong it sucked barges to the bottom and reversed the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. In 1980, oil drillers in Lake Peigneur, Louisiana accidentally poked a 14-inch hole in an active underground salt mine, which drained the entire 2.5 billion gallon lake. Incredibly, there were no fatalities.

  2. The salt mine lake disaster which occured in 1980 due to a "minor miscalculation" by Texaco, which resulted in an entire lake being drained into a salt mine. The vortex even reversed the current of the gulf of mexico for 4 days

  3. The Lake Peigneur disaster in which an oil drill in a lake accidentally struck a salt mine, causing the entire lake to drain into the mine taking barges and an entire island with it.

  4. Oregon state has a lake that drains every winter into a lava tube, turns into a meadow during the spring, and then turns back in to a lake in time for summer

  5. Isa Lake in Yellowstone National Park is the only lake in the world that drains to 2 separate oceans

  6. The Nemi Ships, two Roman ships (one a floating palace) dating back to the Roman emperor Caligula found submerged in Lake Nemi, Italy. Mussolini had the lake drained to recover them. Only 12 years later, both were destroyed in a fire during World War II.

  7. Searching for gold, Conquistadors Lázaro Fonte and Hernán Perez de Quesada tried to drain a sacred lake using a bucket chain. They reduced the water level 3 meters in 3 months and found about $100,000 in gold

  8. The Aral Sea has been nearly fully drained by human irrigation and that this has happened before. Over 600 years ago the Mongols drained the lake too an even lower level than today.

  9. Utah’s Great Salt Lake is a remnant of a much larger lake that drained in a single, catastrophic event 14,000 years ago.

  10. 13,000 years ago, North America had a lake bigger than the Black Sea. When it finally drained it cause global sea levels to rise as much as 3 meters.

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The Aral Sea used to be the fourth largest lake but has been steadily shrinking since 1960. It is draining because the USSR diverted two rivers that fed the sea in order to construct two irrigation canals and build a cotton industry in Uzbekistan.

The aral sea was once the 4th largest lake and has since been almost completely drained. It is considered one of the most significant environmental disasters ever. - source

Pope Innocent X started a tradition of covering the drains of the three fountains on Saturdays and Sundays in the 1600s, to allow people to enjoy the pooled water. It became known as "Lake of Piazza Navona". This tradition lasted for two centuries until 1866 when Pius IX put an end to the summer fun.

In 1980, an oil drilling rig in Louisiana tapped into a salt mine and suddenly drained a 1,300 acre lake!

In 1980 an oil drilling company misinterpreted the coordinate referance system causing it to puncture the salt mine below it and draining the entire Lake Peigneur into it. - source

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Approximately only 5% of the water coming into Lake Titicaca is drained by a river. This river is River Desaguadero. The remaining 95% of incoming water is lost by evaporation into the atmosphere.

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Lake Peigneur completely drained into a salt mine after an oil drilling crew accidentally drilled a hole into the mine. The resulting whirlpool sucked heavy duty barges underwater, caused a canal to reverse direction, and temporarily created the largest waterfall in Louisiana.

The Gulf of Saint Lawrence is responsible for draining more than one quarter of the world's fresh water, which includes the Great Lakes.

Mountain Lake, VA (where Dirty Dancing was filmed) has drained itself almost completely dry.

[TIL]: A surveying error caused a 14" drill bit to puncture a salt mine, causing a lake to drain into the mine. The drill rig, several barges and a large area of land, were all pulled into the resulting whirlpool.

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Hundreds of firearms have been found by draining the lake in MacArthur Park.

Tulare Lake was a lake in the middle of CA and once was the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and the 2nd largest freshwater lake entirely in the U.S. Due to farming it was completely drained by 1920

Mexico City is built on the bed of a huge lake that was drained by the Spanish to control flooding

18% of the Earth's land area doesn't drain into an ocean but flows inland instead, ending in a dead-end lake where it evaporates.

In the middle of ancient North America there existed a glacial lake so huge that when it eventually drained into the ocean it raised the sea level by at least a meter, and started a cold snap that lasted for 500 years.

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The current population of earth would fit neatly into Lake Erie (if it were drained)

Roman Emperor Caligula had 2 yacht like ships built in a small circular volcanic lake that were sunk after his death. Benito Mussolini ordered the lake drained and the ships recovered. The ships were unfortunately destroyed by enemy bombardment in WWII.

Due to an engineering miscalculation, Lake Peigneur in Louisiana got drained through a sinkhole, thereby changing the whole ecosystem around it

Los Angeles is known for smog from cars, but it is its water usage that has created the nation's single largest source of particulate pollution: dust storms from the dry lake bed of Owens Lake. LA gets half its water by draining all of Owens River before it reaches Owens Lake.

A German proposal to drain the Mediterranean and flood Lake Chad to create new fertile land to settle peacefully.

The Aral Sea ecological disaster - In an attempt to prop up agriculture in the desert, the USSR diverted rivers that fed the world's 4th largest freshwater lake and effectively drained it from a surface area of >26,000 square miles to just 1300 sq mi. The ecosystem was totally destroyed.

If you drained Loch Ness and took all the water from all the lakes in England and Wales you couldn't fill it back up again.

A mysterious Louisiana sinkhole drained an entire lake

Due to an engineering miscalculation(aka disaster), Lake Peigneur in Louisiana got drained though a sinkhole, thereby changing the whole ecosystem around it.

There's a lake, aptly named "Lost Lake", in Oregon, that drains itself into a 3000 year old lava tube every summer and refills during the winter months.

In 1980 an 1,100 acre lake in Louisiana was accidentally drained due to an oil drilling miscalculation by Texaco Oil. The drill punctured the roof of a salt-mine, creating a hole for the water to drain through. The accident resulted in it being turned from a freshwater to a saltwater lake.

Lake Jackson in Tallahassee, FL has completely drained twice before

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