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The greatest tank ace in history wasn't a high ranking German officer, but a young enlisted Czech auto worker. He was never given a Knights cross because he beat up an officer he saw abusing prisoners of war.

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Hans-Ulrich Rudel is the only person to be awarded the "Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds", the highest a soldier could achieve; he flew 2,530 combat missions and was shot down or forced to land 32 times, several times behind enemy lines.

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  1. In 1914 Marconi was made a Senator in the Italian Senate and was appointed Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.

  2. In 1961 he became a Knight of the Grand Cross in the Legion d"honneur.

  3. WWII Luftwaffe Ace Franz Stigler chose to assist and escort a damaged B17 back to friendly territory instead of shooting it down and earning himself consideration for the Knight's Cross - Germany's highest military honor

  4. Erich Rudorffer, a German World War 2 fighter ace and highest scoring ace in the world, is still alive. He has 222 victories, fought on all major German fronts, flew 1000 missions and was shot down 16 times. He is the last living recipient of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

  5. There are levels of knighthood from 'Member' to 'Knight Commander' (like Bill Gates) to the highest, 'Grand Cross'

  6. Otto Carius, a former German tank ace during World War 2 and credited with destroying more than 150 tanks, is still alive. He owns a pharmacy shop named after the Tiger Tank. He is also one of only 890 recipients of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves.

  7. The circle and cross around the word “OREO” is either an early European symbol for quality or a Cross of Lorraine, an emblem used by the Knights Templar during the Crusades.

  8. In spite of having no military experience, Belgian politician Leon Degrelle volunteered to serve in the Nazi German military in 1941. Afterwards, he quickly rose up the ranks, received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross from Hitler's hands, and fled to Spain after the end of World War II.

  9. About Kurt Knispel who was a Czech the greatest tank ace who ever lived. He never received the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross that he was recommended for 5 times because he beat an SS soldier for mistreating a Soviet prisoner. He died in Czechoslovakia in 1945 fighting the Soviets.

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