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Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon's brother) lived in New Jersey after having been King of Spain, Sicily, and Naples. He lived off selling his jewelry and eventually moved back to Europe where he died and was buried near his brother.

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Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte, onetime King of Spain, abdicated the Spanish throne and fled to southern New Jersey, where he claimed to encounter the mythical Jersey Devil while hunting alone in the woods

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  1. New Jersey's NHL team is named after the Jersey Devil, a legendary creature encountered by many including Commodore Stephen Decatur (who fired a cannonball at it) and Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's older brother. In 1909 the creature reportedly attacked a trolley and was fired upon by police

  2. The Spanish Inquisition, which began in 1478, did not officially end until 1834. It was briefly abolished during the reign of Joseph Bonapart, in 1808, but was reconstituted when Ferdinand VII reclaimed the throne of Spain.

  3. Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon, is claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil while hunting on his estate in Bordentown, NJ

  4. The founder of the FBI, Charles Joseph Bonaparte, was a grandnephew of Napoleon.

  5. Napoleon's brother Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain, was called Pepe Botella (Joe Bottle) by his opponents.

  6. Joseph Stalin was only 165 cm tall (5'5) - shorter than Napoleon Bonaparte at 168 cm (5'6)

  7. Charles Joseph Bonaparte, great-nephew of Napoleon, became the US Secretary of the Navy and Attorney General, created the organization that became the FBI, and was a staunch progressive and ally of Theodore Roosevelt

  8. Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Spain and older brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, lived in New Jersey for over 19 years and had two American daughters while he was there.

  9. Joseph Bonaparte (brother of Napoleon Bonaparte) after being King of Naples and Spain, moved to the United States (where he sold the jewels he had taken from Spain).

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Napoleon Bonaparte's brother (Joseph - King of Spain) lived in Bordentown, New Jersey

About "The Emperor" - a silver chamberpot (portable toilet) owned by Joseph Bonaparte and a gift from his brother, plundered by the British during the rout of the French at the Battle of Vittoria. Today used by the King's Royal Hussars as a punchbowl during their formal Officer's Mess. - source

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