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In 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed an order making beer an alcoholic drink. The law went into effect on Jan 1st 2013. Before this, any drink under 10% alcohol was considered a soft drink.

Jan 1st 1953 a woman changed her name to Peace Pilgrim "to remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace". She'd walk until given shelter, fast until given food, without asking, it was given. She died in a car crash in July 1981 from a lift to a speaking engagement

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  1. In Korea, babies are 1 year old the day they are born and are a year older every Jan. 1st. This is called East Asian Age Reckoning

  2. The oldest “undisputed” person ever is Sarah Knauss of the United States (1880–1999) who lived to age 119 years, 97 days. She passed away 2 days before Jan. 1st 2000.

  3. In Jan 2015 Iran launched their 2nd annual International Holocaust Cartoon Competition in response to the Charlie Hedbo Prophet Muhammad magazine cover. The deadline for submissions was April 1st, because "that is the day of lies, and the Holocaust is the biggest lie ever invented."

  4. 17 years ago (on Jan 1st, 1998) Russia started to print new Rubles to cope with inflation and promote confidence in their currency.

  5. The Gregorian Epact is the number of days between Jan. 1st and the previous new moon. It is used to figure out the date of Easter and uses the following formulas: GN = (year mod 19) +1, JE = (11*GN -1) mod 30, S = (3*century)/4, L = (8*century+5)/25. Gregorian Epact = JE - S + L + 8.

  6. United airlines flight UA890 (Boeing 780 – 909) took off in 2017 and landed in 2016: It took off from Shanghai, China on 1st Jan 2017 at 12:15am to land in San Francisco, US on 31st Dec 2016 at 6.23pm

  7. On Jan 18th 1644 perplexed Pilgrims in Boston reported America's 1st UFO sighting

  8. Thoroughbred horses in the northern hemisphere are assigned a birthday of Jan 1st. It's advantageous to impregnate a mare in February so that they can have a foal in January. In the southern hemisphere it's August 1st.

  9. North America follows astronomical seasons (determined by the equinoxes and solstices) as opposed to meteorological seasons which begin on the 1st of the month, delineated by the three coldest months being winter (Dec, Jan, Feb in Australia).

  10. 36% of players drafted by NHL teams between 1980 and 2007 were born in January, Feburary, or March compared to only 14.5% of players born in October, November or December. This is caused from due to the youth cut-off age in Canada being Jan 1st.

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jan 1st fact data chart about Running Total of my bank accounts from Jan 1st 2018 to Dec 3
Running Total of my bank accounts from Jan 1st 2018 to Dec 31st 2018

jan 1st fact data chart about Happy Hangover day! A plot of Google searches for "hangover
Happy Hangover day! A plot of Google searches for "hangover cure" for the last six years. Each peak corresponds to Jan 1st. Data taken from Google Trends.

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It was estimated in Sept of 2014 that 1.2 million people would die of Ebola in 6 months. As of Jan 1st 2015, only 7,905 people have died.

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