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The daughter of the first interracially married couple in Mississippi is a lesbian who fought for marriage equality

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Alice Walker and her husband became the first legally married interracial couple living in Mississippi. Her husband Melvyn Rosenman Leventhal is a civil rights lawyer. They were married until 1976 when they divorced. They had one daughter together.

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  1. The 1982 song "Jack and Diane" was originally about an interracial couple

  2. 1970s Australian TV soap opera Number 96 that broke many taboos such as including a gay couple and interracial love affairs, and, killing off several cast favourites in a shock cliffhanger.

  3. 1970s Australian soap opera Number 96 which had trans characters, interracial love scenes, nude scenes, adultery, gay couples, a crazy inventor, a panty snatcher, a mad bomber, and a strangler called the pantyhose murderer.

  4. In 1976 an interracial couple in North Carolina were denied their civil marriage license due to religious 'sensibilities'; 9 years after the US Supreme Court had invalidated state bans on interracial marriages.

  5. Jack in John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" was originally written as an African American. The song was about an interracial couple, but the record label convinced Mellencamp to change it.

  6. A couple was convicted of robbery based on faulty math. The prosecutor multiplied the frequency of black men with beards and black men with mustaches and white women with blonde hair and women with ponytails and interracial couples and yellow cars. The conviction was overturned.

  7. The wife in first interracial couple on prime time TV was the real life Mom of Lenny Kravitz

  8. Today is "Loving Day." 6/12/67 was the day interracial marriage became legal due to a lengthy court battle by an illegally married interracial couple named Loving.

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