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The number of people who travel in Indian railways every year is 8.3 Billion which is more than the population of the earth

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In 2014-15,Indian Railway carried 8.397 billion passengers or more than 23 million passengers a day

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  1. Every year, Indian Railways carries passengers equivalent to almost the population of the entire World.

  2. 23 million people travel on Indian Railways every single day. Equivalent to moving the entire population of Australia.

  3. Indian Railways uses bee noises to discourage elephants from crossing railway tracks.

  4. A prime example of British colonial looting: Each mile of Indian railway construction in the 1850s and 1860s costed an average of £18,000, as against the dollar equivalent of £2000 at the same time in the US. The extra costs were claimed from Indian people through added taxes and revenues.

  5. More than a hundred Indian nuclear scientists have died off on mysterious circumstances. One of them was found dead poisoned on a railway track.

  6. The Indian Railway Network employs 1.55m people, with 14,300 trains running through 7000 stations. It carries over 13 million passengers & 1.3 million tones of freight everyday. The daily distance covered by the trains equates to 3.5 times the distance to the moon.

  7. Toilets in indian railways were introduced only after they received this letter from a commuter in 1906 (x-post from r/India)

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