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Lottery winners’ neighbours have a higher chance of going bankrupt, because they try to keep up with the winners' increased rate of spending.

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Masturbating more than 21 times a month can actually decrease your chance for prostate cancer. This was discovered after testing to see if increased masturbation was linked to an increase in prostate cancer.

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  1. Wallace and Gromit saved Wensleydale Cheese. The company was on the brink of closing down, before a chance mention in an animated short. Sales increased shortly afterwards, saving the company.

  2. Often made fun of, the “Duck and Cover” under your desk Method for atomic blast survival is based on real research- and real survivor stories. Even a thin barrier like a desk can increase chances of survival.

  3. An economist discovered that, other things being equal, suburban residents have more friends , invite friends into their homes more and have greater involvement in community groups. For every 10 percent decrease in density, the chance of people talking to their neighbors increases 10 percent

  4. Drinking beer reduces the chance of kidney stones among beverages the most (by 41%) while sugary colas increase the risk of kidney stones by 23%

  5. There is no link between sudden changes in temperatures and catching a cold. Even though indirect results of cold weather, such as low humidity, can increase your chances of getting a cold, walking out into the cold with wet hair does not seem to have any effect on this likelyhood.

  6. Being unpopular increases our chance of death more strongly than obesity, physical inactivity or binge drinking

  7. Queen bees face increased chance of execution if they mate with two males rather than one. A colony may kill their queen because of the quality of offspring.

  8. Weathermen generally over-predict chances of rain, maximizing viewer happiness by increasing their precautions to not get wet. This is called "The Wet Bias".

  9. Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, according to new research. Researchers have found that a specific combination of techniques will increase people’s chances of having lucid dreams, in which the dreamer is aware they’re dreaming while it’s still happening and can control the experience.

  10. Target fixation, when a person is concentrating so much on avoiding something that he increases the chances of hitting it. Racecar drivers, fighter pilots, mountain bikers, and others moving at high speed can experience the issue.

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increases chance fact data chart about Bisexual men have the biggest dating pools by mutual sexual
Bisexual men have the biggest dating pools by mutual sexual attraction at 51.5% of people. Lesbians have the smallest pool: 1.5%. But being bisexual vs straight only increases your

Why inbreeding increases the chances of genetic disorders?

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There's a negative association between intelligence and obesity, low intelligence increases the chances of obesity

If you hold your nose while sneezing you increase you chances of rupturing your ear drum, breaking a blood vessel in your eye, weaken a blood vessel in your brain, and / or cause injury to your diaphragm - source

The Ford Pinto was notorious for a defective fuel system, which led to fires and increased the chances of death. Instead of recalling the Pinto to put in an $11 part, Ford decided it'd be cheaper to settle any wrongful death suits - source

There's research to suggest that people who are confident in their opinions are more likely to look for counterarguments. Ironically, this may increase the chance of them changing their opinions.

Old people" are getting older. If your chance of dying within the next year is <1%, you are considered "middle aged." The threshold for men transitioning to middle age has increased 44 in the 1920s to 60 today. For women, that number jumped from the "late 40s" to 65. - source

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Certain species of butterflies eat angel trumpet and store alkaloids in the body to increase their chances for survival in the wild. High content of alkaloids in butterfly's body makes this animal unpalatable for the most predators.

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In the first couple of months, youngsters depend on the mother's milk and meat regurgitated by other family members. At the age of 6 months, youngsters will learn how to hunt on their own. Older pups take care of younger pups to increase their chances of survival.

Diet based on yellow-green caterpillars increases the intensity of the yellow color of the male's breast and increases his chances to find the mating partner (yellow breasts signalize that male can provide adequate amount of food for the offspring).

The safest place to sit on a plane is the very back where you have a 68% chance of surviving a crash. You can increase your chances to 72% if the plane has a middle row you can also sit in.

The Birthday Problem. In a room of 23 people, there is a 50% chance that two people share the same birthday; in a room of 75 the likelihood increases to 99.9%

Paws For Life, California’s first and only program in a high-security prison involving inmates serving life-term sentences who train dogs previously on death row to increase their chances of adoption

What increases chances of having twins?

Steve Jobs announced a feature called "Smart Shuffle" in response to people complaining iTunes song shuffling wasn't random enough. Although it appeared to increase randomness, it actually made shuffling less random because it reduced the chance of hearing the same song or artist twice in a row.

Lack of the stage of free swimming tadpole increases the chances for survival because predators cannot find and eat tadpoles (stage in life when frogs are the most vulnerable). Even though mortality of young frogs is reduced, process of egg development exhausts female, affects her health and shortens her lifespan.

Giving yourself breaks in the course of an activity helps you increase the chance to accomplish it successfully.

Males of the Atlantic Molly, a species of fish, can increase their attractiveness towards females by displaying homosexual behavior and therefore improve their chances of future heterosexual mating

Some male spiders rip off their genitals to plug the female's sexual organs to increase their chances of paternity

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There are various gravestones which are known as the Devil's Chair and local folklore about them ranges from if you leave a beer for the Devil over night it will be gone in the morning to sitting in them will increase a woman's chances of being married.

Washing raw meat actually increases the chances of contamination.

Common Crow Butterfly consumes oleander during the larval stage. By storing toxins in the body, this animal increases its chances for survival (large predators, such as birds, do not consume these larvae).

Monty Hall problem, where if you are on a gameshow, and have to choose from 3 different doors to win the main prize, after getting information about one of the doors that does not contain the main prize, changing your chosen door will increase your chance of finding the correct door.

Life in a group increases the chances for survival. Diana monkeys quickly identify threats and produce various calls to inform other members of the group about upcoming danger. Some other species of monkeys often live close to Diana monkeys because of these beneficial "alarm" calls.

Blocking airflow to the eye can increase your chances of corneal ulcers. Besides possible creation of a bacteria haven, oxygen restriction is a major reason why you are recommended to remove your contacts and let your eyes "breathe" often.

In 1982, the Mars candy bar company rejected an offer for the inclusion of its key product M&M's in the new movie, E.T. Hershey, on the other hand, took the chance, and with the blockbuster success its product's sales dramatically increased, perhaps as much as 300%

Women in central and northern parts of Asia believe that they can increase their chances to get pregnant if they spend the night under the crown of larch.

In a room of 23 people, there is a 50-50 chance that two people share the same birthday; in a room of 75 the likelihood increases to 99.9%. This is known as the Birthday Paradox.

Use of bidets by women increases the chances of Bacterial Vaginosis. Out of 50 women found to have Fecal Bacteria in their vaginas, 46 of them were bidet users.

Toothpastes with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate increase the chance and pain of canker sores because they strip the protective lining of the mouth

Other factors that can result in fraternal twins are the mother's age, diet, and the use of birth control pills. These factors can all result in hyperovulation and an increased chance of multiples.

You should never "double wrap it." Using two condoms can cause friction between them, weakening the material and increasing the chance that the condoms might break.

If a person is infected with any of the four types they will be immune to it for life. If they are then infected by another of the four types the chance of developing severe dengue is increased.

Your probability of dying doubles every eight years. According to the "Gompertz Law of human mortality", a 25-year-old has just a one-in-3,000 chance of dying in any given year. By age 42, this increases to one-in-750, and so on.

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