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The Shipping Forecast, a BBC radio program about maritime weather, is so immensely popular in the UK that a 1995 decision to move the 12.48 am broadcast by 12 minutes caused angry editorials, a public backlash, and even debates in parliament. The BBC ultimately scrapped the decision.

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Dean Koontz has had non-fiction books published in addition to his immense body of fiction, including How to Write Best Selling Fiction (1981), and Writing Popular Fiction (1972).

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  1. The Vickers machine gun, a WWI-era weapon that proved very durable and immensely popular. By the 1960s the gun had become obsolete, resulting in a Vickers gun firing 5 million rounds of surplus ammo over 7 days. The gun was then inspected and found to be still in service condition.

  2. Quite different from today, women's soccer was immensely popular in England in a period after WWI. 53,000 attended a match on Boxing Day 1920 at Everton's Goodison Park stadium. In 1921 the Football Association (FA) put an end to the thriving sport, banning women from playing on FA pitches.

  3. Abba's 'Happy New Year' is immensely popular in Vietnam.

  4. Yehi hai right choice, Baby" was a version of the Pepsi commercial by Ray Charles, and was immensely popular in India.

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