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The world's oldest continuously running business is a hot springs hotel in Japan that's run since 705 A.D.

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There is a hot spring hotel in Japan which is in business since the year 705, operated by 52 generations of the same family

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  1. A previously brilliant-blue Yellowstone hot spring is turning green as a result of tourists throwing 'good luck' coins into it

  2. Yellowstone National Park's geothermal hot springs are capable of dissolving a human body overnight

  3. The wild bison of Yellowstone National Park have adapted to utilize the local hot springs as bidets to clean the thick fur of their nether regions before mating

  4. A tourist controlled drone crashed into one of Yellowstone's most delicate hot springs. Drones are now banned from all US National Parks.

  5. A man survived 28 days in an Idaho hot spring, in the middle of winter. When he was found, he had moss growing on him.

  6. A hot spring hotel in Japan is the world's oldest and has been running continuously for roughly 1300 years by the 52 generations of the same family.

  7. If you put your head under water in Kerosene Creek , a hot spring in New Zealand, its possible for amoebas in the water to get into your nose. They then pass through your nerves into your brain. Once they are in your brain they eat your neurons and you eventually die. Death is almost guaranteed.

  8. A man jumped into a near-boiling hot spring in Yellowstone Park to save his dog. He ignored warnings not to go in, and after suffering fatal injuries he reportedly admitted, "That was a stupid thing I did."

  9. 22 people have died at the Yellowstone hot springs, including one man who dove in head first trying to rescue his dog after it jumped into a 202-degree pool.

  10. The International Hair Freezing Contest, a sculpted hair competition held at a resort in the Takhini Hot Springs, Canada. The annual competition involves participants sitting in a hot spring and sculpting their wet hair in cold temperatures. The first place prize is $700 dollars.

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A Yellowstone hot spring with 'brilliant yellows, greens, and oranges' has been caused by humans throwing in rocks, coins and garbage. This has clogged vents, lowered temperatures and allowed colorful microbial mats to thrive

Lola Hot Springs on Lola Pass was home to the first North American luge run, built in 1965.

Some other types of Archaea produce energy from inorganic substances such as ammonia and nitrogen and sulfur compounds. They are mostly found in the hot springs.

Within the Nikko Kinugawa Onsen Area is a hot spring resort region with amusement rides, Ninja shows, and other attractions.

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Within the park are waterfalls, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests, hot springs, plateaus, and many historical sites.

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Bok choi is planted in the spring or autumn, because hot, dry weather during the summer stimulates development of flowers.

Sulfur is often found on Earth near the edges of volcanoes and hot springs.

When Hot Springs Reservation became Hot Springs National Park it was expanded and included North Mountain, West Mountain, Whittington Lake Park, Sugar-Loaf Mountain, and Hot Springs Mountain.

Hot Springs National Park provided a good source of income to the city of Hot Springs with many patients staying for extended periods up until the 1950s.

Some of the attractions in Taroko National Park have been closed due to falling rock tragedies. One person was killed in Wenshan Hot Springs when a slab fell on them in the hot springs.

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Major League Baseball used the city of Hot Springs as the location for spring training at one time, allowing players to soothe their sore muscles in Hot Springs National Park when they felt it necessary.

Nakaya was born near the Katayamazu hot springs in Kaga.

Idaho is home to world famous Lava Hot Springs.

When the Europeans settled the area animals such as the red wolf, cougars, elk, and Plains bison left.

An Army and Navy hospital which is now a rehabilitation center in Hot Springs made use of the hot springs in its treatments. This building is now historically significant.

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There are natural hot springs located 15 minutes north of the San Gerardo de Rivas ranger station where visitors can pay the private land owners a few bucks to enjoy a dip in the water.

Langford Hot Springs are located in Big Bend National Park. The temperature of the spring is approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot Springs National Park is one of the few national parks that make up a part of a city rather than being located miles from developed infrastructure.

In 1934 while attempting to find a hot spring for a bathouse a drilling crew hit a pocket of CO2 underground. The result was a 100 ft carbonated geyser that went on for weeks. When it was finally capped it was turned into a controlled geyser that continues every hour on the hour to this day.

The town of Hot Springs, New Mexico changed their town name to Truth or Consequences, in honor of a radio show.

There are underwater hot springs in the ocean that can shoot water as hot as 650 degrees Fahrenheit.

A 23-year-old Died Trying to Bathe in a Hot Spring in Yellowstone

Animals that can be found in Hot Springs National Park include white tailed deer, gray foxes, coyotes, minks, nine-banded armadillos, opossums, turkeys, raccoons, and skunks.

In Japan they have hot springs just for capybaras.

Visitors to Nikko National Park can enjoy hiking, camping, golfing, skiing, and dips in the Onsen hot springs.

There have been a variety of bathing customs at Hot Springs National Park including standing over them to inhale the vapors, lounging in the water, taking steam baths, using vapor cabinets, and even drinking the water.

In 1950 a town in New Mexico changed its name from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences, a then popular NBC Radio program. They did it because the host announced that he would air the program on its 10th anniversary from the first town that renamed itself after the show.

Barite is associated with ores of antimony, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, and silver. In some locations barite is deposited as a hard siliceous or calcareous deposit at hot springs.

Iceland has many geothermal vents at its surface, which allow the earth's heat to escape. There are also several hot springs, and mud pools.

Hot Springs National Park has 47 hot springs that flow from Hot Springs Mountain. These springs have been visited by Babe Ruth, Al Capone, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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