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Armenian S. Karapetyan,a 17-time finswimmer world champion, heard the sound of a crash during a 12mi run and saw a bus sinking into a lake.He dove 33ft deep, rescuing 20 people,one at a time.9 years later, he rushed into a burning hospital to save people trapped inside, suffering severe burns.

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Stalaggh is a band that creates dark noise music using the screams of psychiatric hospital patients with the goal to translate their mental suffering, in which language cannot express, into sound.

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that sound when someone dies at hospital?

  1. Moments after John Lennon was pronounced dead by the medical staff treating his gunshot wounds, the hospital's sound system began to play The Beatles' "All My Lovin'."

  2. The moment John Lennon was pronounced dead, the surgeon, and other witnesses, noted that The Beatles song "All My Loving" began playing on the hospital's sound system.

  3. As John Lennon was pronounced dead, The Beatles' "All My Loving" came on over the hospital's sound system.

  4. The numbers 4, 9, 24, 42, 43, 45 and 49 are considered unlucky numbers in Japan. 49 is considered especially unlucky as it can sound like 'to suffer until death'. 43 is not used in Hospitals because it can translate to 'Stillbirth'.

  5. At the exact moment John Lennon was pronounced dead, a Beatles song ("All My Loving") came over the hospital's sound system.

  6. When John Lennon was pronounced dead at the Roosevelt Hospital, the Beatles song "All My Loving" played over the hospital's sound system.

  7. At the moment John Lennon was pronounced dead, the Beatles' song "All My Loving" came over the hospital's sound system and that at least three Beatles fans committed suicide after the murder.

  8. 'Ribs' aka 'Jazz on Bones', which was banned western music, smuggled into into the USSR in the 50's/60's. So called because the bootleggers would use old X-Ray films bought cheap, or collected from hospital bins, to etch the sound onto. They could be played 5 to 10 times only.

  9. During the moment John Lennon was pronounced dead, the Beatles song "All my loving" was playing over the sound system in the hospital emergency room.

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