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Chris Morris, from the IT Crowd, has been fired from many jobs due to the many pranks he has pulled during his radio career, including filling one of the radio booths with helium, causing the newsreader to report the news in an extremely high-pitched voice.

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In 2008, a New Mexico man tried to stage his suicide to look like a murder by tying the gun to helium-filled balloons. The lead agent solved the "murder" when others pointed out the same thing happened in an episode of CSI.

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  1. NASA wants to establish a floating cloud city to study Venus. The innovative concept involves helium-filled, solar-powered airships, which could contribute to humans permanently occupying the atmosphere of the hottest planet in our solar system.

  2. In 1982, a man named Larry Walters attached 45 helium-filled balloons to a lawn chair and took flight to a height of 16,000 feet. He did so because he was denied entry in the US Air Force due to poor eyesight.

  3. Saturation divers, who can live underwater for weeks in dry habitat filled mostly with helium, under pressure that is several times higher than in a tire

  4. Just prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, a 'mobile weapons factory' was photographed during an inspection, which was used as evidence of WMD's. It was later found that it contained helium to fill children's balloons.

  5. That, due to a lack of atmosphere on the moon, helium-filled balloons don’t float. In fact, they would fall just as fast as lead balloons.

  6. About Larry Walters, a man who reached a height of 4600 meters in 1982 using a lawnchair and 45 helium-filled weather balloons

  7. Chris Morris of Brass Eye once filled a studio with helium causing the weather reporter to sound ridiculous on live radio

  8. In 1982, Larry Walters tied 42 helium filled balloons to an aluminum lawn chair and flew the chair into the restricted airspace of LAX airport]

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Helium filled air causes bats to underestimate distance

Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter later became an "aquanaut" in the Navy's SEALAB II underwater laboratory in 1965. President Lyndon Johnson called to congratulate him, but Carpenter was in a helium-filled decompression chamber, and his voice was badly distorted. - source

It would take around 4,800 helium-filled balloons to lift a person weighing 132 lbs (60kg) off the ground. - source

There was a thing in the 1930's called balloon jumping. Jumping around with a huge helium filled balloon. Looks fun lets bring it back.

In the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, to simulate lunar surface gravity, weather balloons filled with helium were attached to the backs of the actors playing the astronauts, effectively reducing their Earth-bound weights to one-sixth. - source

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of Larry Walter, a californian man who flew 15.000 feet into the air in a lawn chair attached to 40+ helium filled balloons.

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Balloonfest '86 Charity: When United Way in Cleveland released 1.5 million helium filled balloons causing chaos throughout the city

A simple party balloon filled with helium can travel around the earth over 2 times.

There's a national shortage of helium, hitting not only party stores and consumers looking to fill balloons, but also hospitals and medical research. Prices of helium have jumped 135% since 2018.

In 1986, over a million helium filled balloons were released as a publicity stunt in Cleveland, Ohio. As a result of an oncoming storm, the balloons were released early and consequentially missed their projected landing area littering Lake Eerie (Mostly on the Canadian side), airports, roads.

The Hindenburg was designed to use non-flammable helium. However, at that time, helium was controlled by the USA, who refused to allow its export. Germans decided to fill it with hydrogen, which is flammable.

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Foil balloons became such a nuisance that California enacted a Balloon Law in 1990 to regulate the sales and use of helium-filled foil balloons. This was due to power outages caused when they snag on power lines, costing the state's businesses millions of dollars annually.

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