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The Colombian army once made a song with Morse code in it and aired it in rebel-controlled territory to lift the morale of hostages held there. The message read '19 rescued, you're next. Don't lose hope.'

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During the 1992 L.A. riots, police officers asked the accompanying U.S. Marines to cover them while searching a house for a suspect that held his wife and children hostage. Mistaking the statement "cover them" for suppressive fire, the Marines promptly fired 200 rounds into the house.

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  1. In 2015, Cheryl Treadway, a Florida woman, was being held hostage by her boyfriend, Nickerson. He didn't allow her make calls or write texts, so she used the Pizza Hut app to send a discreet call for help. Police arrived at the location and she was released.

  2. In 1978 a man with a shotgun held a Melbourne cafe hostage until his mother turned up in her night gown and hit him over the head with her handbag. He gave himself up soon after.

  3. Dominoes discontinued use of their mascot "The Noid" after a mentally ill Kenneth Lamar Noid, thinking the character was based on him, held a Dominoes hostage and later killed himself.

  4. Brian Spencer, a former NHL hockey player who's father, upon hearing his son was starting in his first game, held a Canadian TV station hostage and forced them to broadcast it, before being shot and killed. After his career, Brian too was shot & killed during a robbery after buying crack.

  5. Samuel L. Jackson was suspended for two years from Morehouse College and convicted of a second-degree felony when he and several other students held members of the college board of trustees hostage in exchange for school reform.

  6. Samuel L. Jackson once held Martin Luther King. SR hostage at Morehouse College. He was convicted of felony Unlawful Confinement.

  7. When Samuel L. Jackson was a student at Morehouse college he became so upset with the lack of student representation on board of trustees that he held the entire board (including Martin Luther King Sr.) hostage by locking them in a building during a meeting.

  8. A Brazilian man once held a woman hostage for 10 hours with a Sega Master System light gun

  9. Kim Jong-il, Great Leader and film-lover, had South Korea's most famous actress and her director husband kidnapped and held hostage for eight years in order to force them to make movies he liked.

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The Noid, Domino's 80's Pizza mascot, was retired after a paranoid schizophrenic named Kenneth Lamar Noid entered a Domino's Pizza in Atlanta and held two employees hostage at gunpoint. He believed the commercials were making fun of him.

A gunman named James Hoskins held reporters at Cincinnati news station WCPO hostage in 1980. In a taped interview, he confessed to killing his girlfriend earlier in the evening. - source

Richard Simmons hasn't made a public appearance since 2014 and that some people believe he is being held hostage in his home by his housekeeper. - source

SAS veteran Bob Curry used a sledgehammer to break a window of the Iranian Embassy in 1980 after an explosive charge failed to go off. He then (with the help of his team) rescued 25 of the 26 hostages held in the building.

In 1996 a man in Wanganui, New Zealand claimed to carry a bomb and held the manager of a radio station hostage unless he played 'Rainbow Connection' from the Muppet Movie. - source

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A Brazilian man once held a woman hostage for 10 hours with a Sega Light Phaser

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In 2010 there was a hostage crisis at Discovery Channel headquarters when an armed environmental activist entered the building and held three people hostage before police shot him dead. He claimed the channel was promoting the birth of "parasitic human infants" who were destroying nature.

In 2004 the Irish army Ranger Wing (special forces) rescued 35 civilians who were being held hostage in a large container by rebel gunmen in Liberia. The Irish rangers managed to capture the rebel leader and free the hostages without any fatalities

Not only was Samuel L. Jackson an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral in 1968, but the next year as part of a college protest, he held Martin Luther King Sr. hostage. He was expelled and charged with a felony.

Lisa McVey, the only girl to escape serial killer Bobby Long. She was 17 when he abducted her & she was going home to commit suicide. Long held her hostage for 26 hours. Using her wit, she managed to escape & the ordeal made her realize her desire to live. She’s now a police officer.

Tommy Caldwell, one of the world's greatest Free Climbers, was once held hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan. He escaped by pushing a lone captor off a cliff.

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Professional rock climbers Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell were held hostage by rebels while on a climbing trip in Kyrgyzstan. When discovered by the Kyrgyz army, their captors were distracted fighting and Caldwell was able to throw their guard off a cliff and the hostages fled to safety.

The Cheshire, CT police have never reviewed or explained their inaction after a 911 call reporting children held hostage; the children were set on fire and died while police spent 24 minutes hiding in trees behind the house.

Ross Perot organized and funded a private military team to rescue two of his employees held hostage in Iran during the Iranian Revolution.

During a coup d'état A.N.R.Robinson, Trinidad and Tobagos Prime Minister was held hostage for days. When instructed to order the army to stop firing where they were held hostage, Robinson instead instructed them to "attack with full force," which earned him a beating. He was also shot in his leg

Taxi-related crimes in Mexico City often involve an ‘express kidnap’, where the passenger is held hostage and taken to an ATM, where the person is forced to withdraw cash. All personal belongings with value are stolen, and the passenger is ‘dropped-off’ in some nondescript neighborhood

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A man was arrested after he crashed his truck into the front gate of Augusta NGC and held hostages inside the golf shop with a gun demanding “whiskey and a meeting with Mr. Reagan”, who was on the 16th hole. The suspect was a Republican and seemed to find comfort in talking with Reagan.

Íngrid Betancourt. While campaigning for the presidency of Colombia, she was kidnapped and held hostage in the jungle for six and a half years.

In 1989, a man named Kenneth Noid became paranoid that Domino's Pizza's Noid character was an attack on him. He then held a Domino's store hostage, forced them to make him a pizza, and demanded $100k. The chain quickly discontinued its mascot.

The Cowboys-Redskins NFL rivalry started when the owner of the Cowboys bought the Redskins fight song and held it hostage to get voted into the NFL.

In 1969, while in college, Samuel L. Jackson held board members of the school hostage. Among those held hostage was Martin Luther King, Sr.

John McCarthy, a British journalist was held hostage in Lebanon for 1,943 days by Islamic Jihad terrorists

In 1982, the anchors of a TV station in Phoenix were held hostage by Joseph Gwin, who wanted "to prevent World War 3". Hours later at 9:30pm, he made anchor Bill Close read a statement on air. Joseph pointed a gun at him under the table. He let Close take it from him after the statement.

Domino's Pizza discontinued the 'Avoid the Noid' marketing campaign after Kenneth Lamar Noid held two employees hostage at gunpoint in 1989, under the impression the campaign directly targeted him. He later killed himself, resulting in permanent cancellation of the campaign.

Samuel L. Jackson was an usher at MLK Jr's funeral... then later held MLK Sr. hostage.

The Stockholm Syndrome where people being held hostage form a bond with the hostage taker, is found in only eight percent of victims

Phil Spector allegedly held The Ramones hostage at gunpoint while producing their album End of the Century.

The “Avoid the Noid” campaign by Domino’s Pizza in the ‘80s was ended after a tense stand off at a Domino’s pizzeria. Kenneth Noid, a mentally ill man, held workers at hostage because he thought the ad campaign was targeted at him. The police chief later called him “para-Noid”.

Tommy Caldwell, one of the guys who did the Dawn Wall free-ascent last year, was once held hostage for 6 days, only to survive by pushing one of his captors off a cliff.

Los Angeles became the first major U.S. city to outlaw the manufacture and sale of realistic toy guns after KNBC-TV consumer reporter David Horowitz was held hostage on the air by a man wielding a toy pistol.

In 1996, A man held A Radio manager Hostage, claiming he had a bomb and demanded that the song "Rainbow Connection" By Kermit the Frog was broadcast for 12 hours

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