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Bales of Hay can spontaneously combust due to moisture. The excess moisture leads to increased microbial activity and plant respiration. Both of these processes in the presence of oxygen causes production of carbon dioxide, water and extreme amounts of heat, which lead to fires.

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Hay bales that are too wet have a higher chance of spontaneously combusting, and "excessive moisture is the most common cause of hay fires."

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  1. Baling wet or moist hay can lead to the bales spontaneously combusting due to the decomposition reaction that creates large amounts of heat.

  2. Hay bales generate their own heat and have been know to spontaneously combust for a variety of different reasons.

  3. A french company sell urinals that you can attach to large bales of hay for festivals. The nitrogen in urine and carbon in hay turn into great compost.

  4. Vermont's state flag, with their coat of arms featuring sheaves of wheat, bales of hay, a cow and a large pine tree, was officially adopted in 1923.

  5. Wet hay can spontaneously light on fire without a spark or external heat source, given the right circumstances of humidity and bacterial growth inside the bale.

  6. Moist bales of hay are more likely to catch fire than dry bales of hay.

  7. A farmer hid the construction and existence of a 4-bedroom castle under a huge pile of hay bales for 6 years. When he thought he’d outlasted the statute of limitations, he unveiled it to the public, the city council found out, and immediately ordered its destruction.

  8. Musician Mike Edwards, who was an original member of the band ELO (he played cello), was killed when a cylindrical bale of hay rolled down a hill and crashed into the van he was driving.

  9. Hay bales become a fire hazard when wet, due to a chemical change that can cause them to spontaneously combust.

  10. Mike Edwards (founding member of ELO) was killed by a 1,300 pound hay bale rolling down a hillside and hitting his car.

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Wet hay bales can spontaneously combust when stored improperly

Mike Edwards, one of the founders of the band Electric Light Orchestra, was killed when a cylindrical bale of hay that rolled down a hill crashed into his van. - source

The first hay bale building in Nebraska was eaten by cows. - source

Mike Edwards, founding member and cellist for the band ELO, was killed by a hay bale rolling down a hill. It hit the van he was in and killed him.

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There is a trailer designed for loading and hauling round hay bales.

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In 2010, Mike Edwards, founding member and cellist for the band ELO, died when a large, round bale of hay rolled down a hill and smashed his van while he was out driving.

A hay bale machine wont crush you to death

A farmer from Surrey spent 9 years building a £1 million castle, without planning permission. He hid the house from the council for 4 years underneath some hay bales, but was then forced to demolish it.

A British woman was killed when, in an attempt to reach the bale of hay on the back of her motorcycle, a flock of sheep charged her, accidentally knocking her over a cliff

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ELO Cellist Mike Edwards Killed By Freak Hay Bale Accident.

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