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Conan O'Brien, as President of The Harvard Lampoon, was arrested for stealing a shipment of The Harvard Crimson. The Crimson editor at the time was Jeff Zucker, who would later become President and CEO of NBC and make the ultimate decision that gave O'Brien's Tonight Show back to Jay Leno.

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Greg Daniels and Conan O’Brien were college friends and roommates. Moved to L.A. together, shared a car, and apparently the same towel. They both wrote for The Harvard Lampoon, Not Necessarily the News, SNL and The Simpson’s before breaking away into their respective legendary comedy careers.

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  1. National Lampoon was originally an extremely popular humour magazine that ran from 1970 to 1998. It was a spinoff from The Harvard Lampoon and heavily influenced comedy seen in all facets of media in its 28 year run.

  2. A parody of the lord of the rings "bored of the rings" was written in 1969 by the people of Harvard Lampoon; who would later go on to create National Lampoon.

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