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The war on drugs was persecuted as a personal crusade by one man. During his 31 year career,Harry Anslinger helped shape global drugs policy and ordered that a dying Billie Holiday be handcuffed to her death bed

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The man behind the ban of marijuana Harry Anslinger may have done so because of racism, reportedly stating that black and Mexican were the primary users. It was banned even though there was no scientific evidence of it being dangerous to mental health.

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  1. The name "marijuana" was in part popularized by Harry J. Anslinger in the 1930s in a campaign against the drug, in order to make it sound foreign.

  2. Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, started using the word marijuana to make cannabis sound more Mexican.

  3. Harry Anslinger, the man who almost single handedly launched the drug war, supplied Senator Joseph McCarthy with morphine for his addiction.

  4. Anti-Communist Senator Joe McCarthy was a morphine addict whose drugs were supplied by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics on the orders of the person most responsible for the prohibition of narcotics - Harry Anslinger.

  5. Weed was declared illegal because Harry Anslinger needed his department to enforce something other than alcohol. Anslinger did not actually believe that weed was dangerous but began to spread lies about it anyway.

  6. Harry Anslinger renamed cannabis as marijuana to make it sound more Mexican. He did this to bolster his campaign to ban marijuana, in which he claimed one reason for the band was that there was an invasion of marijuana-smoking Mexican men assaulting white women.

  7. Harry J. Anslinger the man who spearheaded cannabis prohibition asked the top 30 scientists if cannabis was harmful. Of the 30 that he asked 29 said it wasn't. He based his views on the one who claimed it was harmful.

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