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As a joke following Apollo 13's successful splashdown, Grumman Aerospace Corporation pilot Sam Greenberg (who had helped with the strategy for re-routing power from the LM to the crippled CM) issued an invoice for $400,540.05 for "towing" the crippled ship most of the way to the Moon and back.

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After the Apollo 13 splashdown, Grumman Aerospace issued a $400,000 invoice for towing charges including "$1 per mile and $4 for the first mile".

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  1. After the Apollo 13 failure, Grumman Aerospace (makers of the lunar module) sent North American Rockwell (makers of the command and service module) an invoice for $312,421.24 for towing the service module. Rockwell replied that they had not received payment for ferrying the previous LMs.

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