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Henry VIII had someone who's job it was to wipe his bottom for him. They were called 'Grooms of the Stool' and Henry VIII had 4 of them during his reign, all of whom were knighted!

The Groom of the Stool, the English monarch's royal toilet attendant, was considered one of the most powerful positions in court because of all the secrets the monarch would share. Eventually holders of the position were also put in charge of royal finances.

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  1. King Henry VIII had a man called the "Groom of Stool" responsible for managing his toilet as well as undressing and dressing the King

  2. In Tudor England, the guy who wiped the King's bottom known as "The Groom of the Stool" was one of the most powerful men in England, practically directing England's fiscal policy.

  3. Henry VIII King of England (1491-1547) had a Groom of the Stool, essentially someone to help him with his bowel motions, or in modern terms...take a dump.

  4. The great-great grandfather of Princess Diana was the last ever groom of the stool: a man who would assist royalty with pooping

  5. Henry VIII of England and other monarchs around the globe had people who were referred to as "Grooms of Stool.” Their job was to make sure the defecation procedure went properly and to wipe at the end.

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Princess Diana's great grand uncle, the 5th Earl Spencer, was the Groom of the Stool to the Prince of Wales. He was responsible for attending to the Monarch's toileting needs.

"the Groom(s) of the King's Close Stool", courtiers of the English monarch that assisted him in excretion and hygiene. These courtiers were considered to be the closest confidants of the monarch and some even became early prime ministers. - source

One of the most sought after positions in England used to be that of the royal bum wiper - officially called 'The Groom of the Stool'

Specially trained men were employed by the Kings of England as the Groom of the Stool, helping the monarchs with their hygiene and defecation. This position was very prestigious during the reign of Henry VIII, as all four of the Grooms of the Stool were knighted.

17th-century monarchs often appointed a “Groom of the Stool,” who would sit across from the King as he took a dump and listen to him discuss secrets, personal troubles, and matters of the state. As a result, the “GotS” was often privy to valuable information and held a feared position in court.

Henry VIII, over the course of his reign had four "Grooms of Stool", whose job it was to wipe his ass. All four were eventually knighted.

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