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The Teton mountains were named by French trappers who thought they resembled breasts (teton is French slang for breast) so Grand Teton National Park translates to Big Tits National Park.

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Lots of mountains on earth are named after boobs e.g. Grand Tetons

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  1. Grand Teton National Park is the only national park in the United States with a commercial airport. It was built in the 1930s and was added to the park when Jackson Hole was absorbed into the park.

  2. Grand Teton is home to a variety of wildlife including more than 300 bird species, 16 fish species, 6 amphibian species, 4 reptile species, 6 bat species, 3 rabbit species, 6 hoofed-mammal species, 17 carnivore species, and 22 rodent species.

  3. Grand Teton National Park was established in 1929 by then President Calvin Coolidge. At the time it was 96,000 acres.

  4. Animal behavior researchers believe they have observed canine autism in a population of coyotes in Grand Teton National Park

  5. Activities that tourists can experience at Grand Teton National Park include camping, hiking, boating, fishing, mountaineering, rafting, snowshoeing, biking, and skiing.

  6. Grand Teton is one of the top 10 visited national parks in the United States. It receives more than 2.5 million people each year.

  7. Grand Teton National Park is named after the mountain Grand Teton. Grand Teton is the Teton Range's tallest mountain at 13,775 feet.

  8. Grand Teton National Park's elevation ranges from 6.400 feet to 13,775 feet.

  9. There is a 24,000 acre piece of land dedicated by Congress in 1972 to John D. Rockefeller, Jr. at Grand Teton. It is called the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway.

  10. Mammals found in Grand Teton National Park include black bears, Grizzly bears, gray wolves, coyotes, river otters, cougars, martens, elk, bison, and moose.

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What is there to do at grand teton national park?

Why was grand teton national park established?

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The Antiquities Act, which is used by the President of the United States to create new National Monuments, does not apply in Wyoming. Wyoming insisted on the exemption when Grand Teton National Park was created. This is the only state where the Antiquities Act does not apply.

Popular destinations within the park include Snake River, Hanging Canyon, Solitude Lake, Cascade Canyon, and many others.

The fastest land mammal in the western hemisphere can be found living in Grant Teton National Park. It is the pronghorn, and can run as fast as 70 miles per hour.

Grand Teton was named after French trappers "the three teats", derived from "les trois tetons". The name "the three teats" was shortened to Teton.

In 1950, in protest to the designation of Jackson Hole as a national monument, cattle ranchers, led by a movie star named Wallace Berry, drove 500 cattle across the land.

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Early 19th century French fur traders named Shoshone native revered mountains Tits, the tallest named Grand Tit,eventually became Grand Teton National Park after Rockefeller bought the land and donated it.

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The name of America's beautiful Grand Teton mountains literally means "Big Tits" in French.

Famous Wyoming destinations include Old Faithful Geyser, Jackson Hole, Flaming Gorge, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton" Mountain is named after the french phrase meaning "Big Tit"

There are 12 small glaciers in Grand Teton National Park. The largest is Teton Glacier at Grant Teton's north side peak.

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The mountains in Wyoming called "The Grand Tetons" are literally translated to "The large teats".

Grand Teton National Park is only 10 miles south of another famous park - Yellowstone National Park.

In French Tetons literally means "breasts". The horny Frenchmen that named the grand Tetons hadn't gotten any for so long, the first thought they had when seeing pointed mountains was BOOBS

Grand Teton National Park got its name when trappers decided to rename the mountains from the Shoshone word Teewinot to "The Great Boob" in French.

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Teton" means "teat" in French. So the Grand Tetons are literally named the Big Boobs

The Siberian training scene in Rocky IV was actually shot in Jackson Hole, WY at the base of Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton" is French for "Big Tits". So the US has a national park named "Big Tits National Park" in Moose, WY.

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