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Gordon Ramsay has chosen not to give his children a large inheritance, does not take them to expensive restaurants (not even his own), and does not allow them to sit in first class on planes so that they are not spoiled.

After losing automatic control of his Mercury capsule, astronaut Gordon Cooper was forced to use his knowledge of constellations, wristwatch, and his eyeballs to manually land his spacecraft. He ended up splashing just 4 miles from his recovery ship, the most accurate landing up to that point.

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  1. Gordon Ramsay once lost to a prison cook in an onion cutting competition. Ramsay offered him a job at one of his restaurants upon his release.

  2. Gordon Ramsay was covered in gasoline and held at gunpoint in Costa Rica while he was investigating illegal shark fin trading for a TV show

  3. George Lucas wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie but could not obtain the rights so instead he created Star Wars

  4. Gordon Ramsay set up a business inside a London prison which allows prisoners how bake goods which are sold on the outside, providing the prison with financial support and giving the prisoners the culinary skills and work experience they need in order to get honest work after their sentence.

  5. Gordon Ramsay was doused in gasoline and held at gunpoint by gang members while attempting to film a documentary about the illegal shark fin industry. He managed to escape by diving into his car with his film crew and driving off.

  6. Astronaut Gordon Cooper compiled a secret map containing the locations of 'hundreds' of shipwrecks which he uncovered from space whilst searching for magnetic anomalies during the Mercury 9 Faith 7 expedition

  7. Brown University named their porta potties the "E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex" after the former president Gordon Gee cut funding to the arts programs.

  8. James Gordon Wolcott killed his family with a .22 long-barrel in 1967. Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he was later released and is now a psychology professor and chair of the Behavioral Sciences department at Millikin University, going by the name James St. James.

  9. M'lady/Fedora guys is Jerry Messing. Before his internet stardom he was the child actor who played Pugsley in Addams Family Reunion as well as Gordon Crisp, the smelly kid in Freaks and Geeks.

  10. Anti-margarine Senator Gordon Roselip incorrectly identified margarine as butter in a blind taste test. His wife later confessed that she had been feeding him margarine and telling him that it was butter.

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British PM Gordon Brown hand-wrote a letter of condolence to a mother whose son had died in Afghanistan where he misspelled the deceased's surname. The Sun published a vitriolic article criticising his lack of care but misspelled the same name and was forced to publish an apology of its own

When he was a child, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's parents bribed him into doing commercials with the promise that he would be able to buy anything he wanted with his earnings. His purchase of choice was his very own 'Street Fighter 2' arcade machine. - source

James May of Top Gear/Grand Tour fame not only bested Gordon Ramsay in a 'test of man' competition (which ended with the two eating rotten shark) but beat him in culinary competition while drunk on white wine. - source

Gordon Ramsay stopped doing Kitchen Nightmares partly because of the physical toll it was taking on his stomach/digestive system.

Gordon Ramsay while filming a scene about puffin hunting fell off an 85 foot cliff into water and survived. - source

Pro-butter Senator Gordon Roselip. In a 1955 Wisconsin senatorial blind taste test Roselip preferred margarine, insisting it was butter. It later transpired that Roselip’s wife, worried about his heart, had for years been substituting yellow margarine for butter at the Senator’s dinner table.

Gordon Ramsay challenged a prison cook to an onion cutting competition. The inmate won. Ramsay immediately offered him a job at one of his restaurants upon his release

Gordon Ramsay challenged a prison cook to an onion cutting competition. The inmate won. Ramsay immediately offered him a job at one of his restaurants upon his release - [1:18]

To date, 52 out of the 77 restaurants featured on Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' have closed, many before the episodes they were on even aired. One owner even committed suicide due to his failing business.

Every restaurant Gordon Ramsay visited in Season 2 of Kitchen Nightmares (US) closed

Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Jim Carrey, Mick Jagger and 1,300 other people were evacuated from a hotel because of a fire in a kitchen run by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Gordon Lightfoot was inspired to write "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" when he saw the name misspelled "Edmond" in Newsweek magazine two weeks after the sinking and felt it dishonored the memory of the 29 who died.

Chef, Gordon Ramsay, is as passionate about fitness as he is about food. Ramsay has participated in more than a dozen marathons, three ultra-marathons, three half-Ironmans (which span 70.3 miles, swimming, biking and running) and competed in the Ironman World Championship twice.

Cocaine use is so pervasive in the restaurant industry, that Gordon Ramsay claims 30 out of 31 of his restaurants’ bathrooms tested positive. He even claims to have had a customer request it “sprinkled over a soufflé” at a charity dinner!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's grandfather was one of the directors blacklisted as a Communist in the McCarthy Era

After visiting the Cambridge Hotel, Gordon Ramsay payed for 4 years of the chefs college, helping him to achieve his dream of owning a bakery. The only thing he wanted in return was a loaf of bread.

Gordon Northcott, who molested and murdered several boys in the 1920s, and the movie The Changeling is based on, upon the day of his hanging asked, "Will it hurt?" To which the guards replied, "No one's ever complained."

Many people who saw the movie Wall Street were inspired to join the business world and model themselves after Gordon Gekko. This was the complete opposite takeaway that the film's writers had intended

Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper nearly missed out on his Mercury flight because he buzzed the Johnson Space Center in an F-102 and scared some people.

Stephen Hawking once made a bet of $100 with Gordon Kane that physicists would not discover the Higgs boson. After losing the bet he lamented the discovery, saying it made physics less interesting.

That, while filming an episode of a reality TV show in Doncaster prison, chef Gordon Ramsay was so impressed by the speed at which a prisoner chopped vegetables that Ramsay offered him a job at his restaurant following his release in 2007

Pixar Animation Director Andrew Gordon found a secret room connected to his office via a crawlable air duct. He turned it into a speakeasy that eventually entertained celebrity guests such as Steve Jobs, Buzz Aldrin, and Robert DeNiro.

James Gordon Wolcott who, at age 15, sniffed airplane glue, then shot and killed his parents and sister. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Today he is a psychology professor at Millikin University.

Because of tehnical problems astronaut Gordon Cooper used his watch and star patterns to safely land the capsule he was in

When Alan Moore was preparing to write 'The Killing Joke', he asked DC Comics editor Len Wein if they had any problem with crippling Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). Wein replied, 'Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.' "It was probably one of the areas where they should've reined me in, but they didn't."

Gordon Ramsay framed his former mentor Marco Pierre White by stealing the reservation book and blaiming it on him saying “I nicked it. I blamed Marco. It was my one stroke of genius, fucking someone over without his knowing that I was the one who done it."

Jack Nicholson turned down the roles of Travis Bickle, Gordon Gekko, Raymond Babbitt, Michael Corleone and Willard in Apocalypse Now, among many others

George Lucas tried to get the rights to make a Flash Gordon movie in the late 1970s. He was denied, so instead he decided to make his own sci-fi movie called Star Wars

23 out of the 45 restaurants Gordon Ramsay owns has closed

Gordon Ramsay, who was in L.A. Opening up a new restaurant, confessed that he stopped by In-N-Out for a burger. He found his double-double burger so delicious that he left the restaurant and a few minutes later went through the drive through for another double-double to take home.

Only One Restaurant Gordon Ramsay Saved in 1st Two Seasons of Kitchen Nightmares is Still Open

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