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Michael Phelps holds the world record for the longest televised golf putt.

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Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps holds a golf record for the longest televised putt in history of 159 feet

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  1. The longest putt on record is 375 feet.

  2. According to the Professional Putters Association (PPA), the Putt-Putt Golf Courses Championship TV series is the longest running syndicated sports program in television history.

  3. In 2011 a 53-year-old IT manager from North Carolina accomplished a feat seen only twice in the 52 years previous and not once since 1979: a perfect round of Putt-Putt (not to be confused with miniature) golf: 18 holes, 18 shots.

  4. The record for the longest ever golf putt recorded on television is held by golf coach Dave Pelz (66 yards). The second is Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps (50 yards) and third longest was by BBC presenter Terry Wogan (33 yards).

  5. Michael Phelps, a 23x Olympic Gold Medalist for Swimming, has the World Record for the Longest Televised Golf Putt (159ft).

  6. There is a very serious professional putt-putt golf league.

  7. There is a very serious professional putt-putt golf league.

  8. Chris Barnes, famous for his professional bowling career in the PBA, also competed in the 1989 Putt-Putt Golf Skins Game with a purse of $18,000

  9. There's a Professional Putters Association, which was created by the founder of Putt-Putt Golf Courses "with the purpose of finding the world’s greatest putter, to promote Putt-Putt Golf Courses of America and its franchised locations."

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Michael Phelps also holds the record for the longest televised golf putt. (x-post r/nevertellmetheodds) - source

10 years ago, pro golf champion Tom Watson missed a 1 meter putt to win the [British] Open at the age of 59 - source

While flying to the United States on Concorde for the Ryder Cup, Jose Maria Olazabal made a record 9.2 mile golf putt.

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