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McDonald's was suppose to revamp the Golden Arches in 1960 but a psychologist argued to keep it because it resembled breasts, giving Freudian applications to the subconscious mind of the consumer.

how did mcdonald's come up with the golden arches?

McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona is the only McDonald's with turquoise instead of golden arches, because the government deemed the yellow ones to be contrasting too much with the surrounding area's scenic rock and opted for bluish-green arches instead.

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which item is the lowest-calorie dessert at the golden arches?

  1. More people recognize the McDonald's Golden Arches than the amount who recognize the Christian Holy Cross.

  2. The Golden Arches Theory which states that no two countries that both had McDonald's had fought a war against each other since each got its McDonald's.

  3. McDonald's almost got rid of its golden arches in the 1960's. The arches were only kept because a psychologist they hired said they had great Freudian importance in the subconscious mind of customers. They represented "mother McDonald's breasts."

  4. About the McDonalds in Sedona, AZ. Because of council restrictions, the famous golden arches are blue, as to not interfere with the red colour of the mountains nearby.

  5. In the 1960's McDonald's was prepared to abandon its logo of the golden arches of the letter M, but psychologist Louis Cheskin successfully urged the company to maintain this branding because of their "Freudian symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts."

  6. There has never been a war between two countries that have a McDonald's in it. This has developed the theory Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention.

  7. Friedman’s Golden Arches Theory that no two countries with MacDonalds have ever gone to war

  8. The McDonalds "Golden Arches" symbol is recognized by more people than the Christian cross

  9. McDonalds considered changing their logo in the 60's until a psychologist advised against it, because the golden arches carried the "Freudian symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts."

  10. The weight of 300,000 people walking across the Golden Gate Bridge for its 50th anniversary caused the bridge's arch to flatten, as the middle of the bridge dropped by 7 feet

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The McDonald's golden arches in Sedona, Arizona were made turquoise when the yellow colour had been deemed by government officials to be contrasting too much against the scenic red rock - source

When McDonald's started taking over Wimpy stores in Britain, to save money the "golden arches" logo sign was achieved in many locations by simply turning the "W" letter from the old "Wimpy" sign upside down.

The Golden Arches Theory that says when a country has reached an economic development where it has a middle class strong enough to support a McDonalds network, it would become a "McDonald's country", and will not be interested in fighting wars anymore. - source

When were the golden arches created?

The 'Golden Arches Theory or Conflict Prevention' which points out that no two nations that have MacDonald's franchises have ever gone to war.

How did the golden arches become mcdonalds logo?

Ronald McDonald was in an old computer game that had a strong environmentalist message. (Collect the golden arches to clean up the town.)

More people around the world are able to recognize the golden arches that represent McDonald's than they are able to recognize the cross.

There is only one McDonald's store in the world with turqouise golden arches

There are only four Mcdonald's restaurants in the world with non-golden arches as their sign. Turquoise in Sedona, Arizona. Black in Montrey,California. White in Paris and in Bruges,Belgium.

When did the golden arches become an m?

The Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, where two countries containing at least one McDonald's are very unlikely to go to war with one another.

There is a theory that there has never been a war between two countries with McDonald's in them called the "Golden Arches Theory"

Ray Croc was about to scrap The Golden Arches logo until Louis Cheskin, a designer hired by McDonalds who studied Freud, told Kroc that the Arches resembled female breasts from afar, which would positively impact customers.

McDonald's was supposed to revamp the Golden Arches in 1960 but a psychologist argued to keep them in the form of the "M" because it resembled breasts.

How many mcdonald's don't have golden arches?

When McDonald's was considering removing its logo of golden arches, a psychologist Louis Cheskin convinced them to keep them because they represented a mother's nourishing breasts. This was because the arches were a Freudian symbol in the subconscious minds of customers.

On May 24, 1987, the Golden Gate Bridge dropped 7 feet in its center, lost its arch, and its towers pulled inward as it nearly collapsed, endangering the 300,000 people on it.

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