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The English language has no future tense verbs, and English speakers have developed complicated and nuanced ways to talk about the future that many other languages lack.

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The Finnish language has no future tense.

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  1. People who speak languages that do not have a future verb tense are better at self regulation because they don't see "me" and "future me" as separate entities.

  2. The finnish language has no future tense

  3. The Finnish language doesn't have the future tense. Also, it doesn't have an equivalent for the verb "to have". But it does have negative verb conjugations.

  4. Speakers of languages with strong 'future tenses' (like English) are less likely to save and more likely to have pleasure now (and pain in the future) than speakers of languages without strong future tenses (like Chinese)

  5. In Hebrew the verb "To Be" ("hoveh", in present /"is being"/) has a form YeHuweh which is expressing a recurrent-passive future tense meaning something like "will-be-established regularly", so it is very concrete and this the Name used instead of the meaningless sound-series like "god".

  6. There is a relationship between the language you speak and how much money you save. Speakers of languages with less prominent future tenses were able to make decisions with more foresight, consistently saving more money and smoking less

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