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There is a fully intact Roman wine bottle sitting in Germany from the year 350 AD. It's fully drinkable but the Romans added a significant amount of thick olive oil as a preservative.

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On April 7, 1989, a fully loaded, combat-ready Soviet Nuclear Submarine sank and currently rests at the bottom of the sea with its Nuclear Reactor and two Nuclear Warheads intact

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  1. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone each contributed $25,000 to front a botanic research corporation in order to discover a domestic way to naturally produce rubber In 1927. Thier lab and equipment is still intact and the research was never fully completed.

  2. Robert Webb and Olivia Colman played Naturists in the 2006 film Confetti, having been told any nudity would be pixelated. They were shocked to discover at the premiere that the scenes they had shot, including full frontal nudity, were left fully intact and uncensored.

  3. The swedish ship Vasa from the 1600s was raised in 1961 nearly fully intact and had a museum built around it to showcase it.

  4. The very first fully intact machine to be 3D printed as a single piece was a fold-out sofa

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