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Jay Sankey fooled Penn and Teller on their TV show Fool Us to such a degree that they didnt even realize they were being fooled!

how many magicians have fooled penn and teller?

Penn&Teller were fooled without knowing they were fooled.

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  1. The annoying facebook "mind-reader" guy Rick Lax fooled Penn and Teller.

  2. Adam Cheyer Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri Inc., is an aspiring magician who could not fool Penn & Teller.

  3. Clone, the magic trick that fooled even Penn and Teller, that allows you to transfer a persons signature from one piece of paper to anther, Playing Card, piece of money, document, etc...

  4. Shin Lim fooled the great Penn & Teller.

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What are some april fool jokes?

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