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80% of toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserve the city's scarce freshwater resources

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Flushable" wipes cause major clogs in sewers and should not be flushed down the toilet

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  1. One controversial scene in Hitchcock's Psycho was when Marion flushed the money down the toilet because "no flushing toilet had appeared in mainstream film and television in the United States at that time".

  2. Female toilets in Japan are equipped with devices that artificially create flushing noises called 'Sound Princess' due to many Japanese women being embarrassed at the thought of being heard by others during urination thus wasting water by constantly flushing.

  3. Most toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserves the city’s scarce freshwater resources

  4. Flushable wipes" should not be flushed down the toilet

  5. It is illegal to NOT flush the toilet in Singapore. For failing to flush, you will be fined $150, and police officers have been known to check...

  6. Most toilets in Hong Kong are flushed with seawater in order to conserves the city’s scarce freshwater resources

  7. In 1980 some dad cut his 8 year old's penis off and flushed it down the toilet because he was late home. After a 90 minute search in the sewers, firemen recovered the penis and it was successfully attached back onto the boy in a 3h operation.

  8. Twins separated at birth, one raised by a German Catholic Nazi family and the other by a Jewish family in Trinidad, both as adults flushed the toilet before and after going, enjoyed sneezing in elevators to startle people, dipped buttered toast in coffee, and wore rubber bands on their wrists.

  9. Mr. Hankey from South Park was inspired by Trey Parker's Father who told him that if he didn't flush the toilet, Mr. Hankey would come out and eat him

  10. Many Japanese women are embarrassed when using the toilet so they would run the water or flush a lot which wasted water. In the 1980's a sound device started being used that played the sound without actually needing to flush. This saved water and is now standard on most public bathrooms.

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Three minutes after the finale of M*A*S*H had aired approximately 77% of New York City flushed their toilets. This is estimated to be the highest water usage at one given time in the City's history.

The movie "Psycho" is the first American film to show a toilet on screen. It's also the first American film in which we hear a toilet being flushed. - source

In 2012, over 1 million residents in the Zimbabwe city of Bulawayo were asked to flush their toilets exactly at 7:30 PM on a Saturday to unblock and clear out the sewer system of the city. - source

Psycho was the first film ever to show a toilet flushing on screen

The Airbus A380 jumbo jet was so well insulated from engine noise that the pilots couldn't sleep during their rest periods as they could hear every crying baby, snoring passenger, and toilet flush. To combat the problem, Airbus was considering piping ambient noise back into the plane. - source

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Some flush toilets in Japan have a spigot on top of the tank,allowing users to conserve water by washing their hands in water destined for the next flush.

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The earliest flush toilets were used by the people of the Indus Valley Civilization (existing from approx. 3300 BC - 1700 BC). Almost every home in the ancient cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa had a flush toilet connected to a common sewage system.

In 2012 the residents of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe were tasked with flushing their toilets at the same time in order to prevent blockages in the sewer system. The synchronised flush takes place twice a week in order to keep the sewers clear.

A German U-boat Captain improperly executed a toilet flush, leading to the sinking of his submarine.

The costliest trial in US history was the McMartin Preschool Trial, a case of satanic abuse hysteria. The investigator's bias resulted in children recalling stories of witches flying, travelling in hot-air balloons, being flushed down the toilet, and having been assaulted by Chuck Norris.

Until 2017, toilets on trains in the UK flushed onto the tracks below

When did flushing toilets start?

When you flush the toilet a plume of fecal matter covers the air and everything around including the walls, shower, toothbrush, towels and the best way to prevent the toilet plume is to close the lid every flush

The parents of murder victim Dee Dee Blanchard flushed her ashes down the toilet, saying she "got what she deserved." Blanchard was murdered in 2015 by her daughter Gypsy Rose (24) who had endured years of unnecessary medical treatments and surgeries due to her mother's Munchausen by proxy

In 2013, a burglar in Oklahoma used the toilet and forgot to flush. He was caught after being identified by DNA.

Psycho is the first American film to show a toilet on screen. It's also the first American film in which we hear a toilet being flushed.

Most American toilets don't have the piss-flush option.

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Chemotherapy patients should flush the toilet twice to avoid injuring others.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is the true heir to the Porcelain Throne. His ancestor invented the flush toilet.

Despite common misconception, Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet, he only popularized it by inventing the ballcock

Sir John Harington (born 1560), known as the inventor of the flush toilet, is related to Kit Harington (born 1986) of Game of Thrones fame. It’s also why some people refer to the toilet as the ‘john’.

Game of Thrones" actor Kit Harington's ancestor invented the first flushing toilet for Queen Elizabeth I, called the "John Harington." It was later just referred to as "the john."

In 2013, when a 22-year-old pregnant Chinese woman thought she had to go to the restroom and stood over the squat toilet, she accidentally popped out a baby and ended up flushing it down. Firefighters performed an emergency “c-section” on the pipe and rescued the perfectly fine baby boy.

After the murder of Sharon Tate in 1969, celebrities began disposing of their drugs in fear of being questioned by police. An unnamed film figure told a LIFE reporter, "Toilets are flushing all over Beverly Hills; the entire Los Angeles sewer system is stoned."

Illegally smuggling toilets out of Canada and into the United States is an actual thing. Toilets in Canada are 3.5gal per flush and we're made illegal by the EPA for water conservation.

The German U-boat, U-1206, which sank because its Captain improperly flushed their high-tech toilet.

In 1974, The Godfather premiered on NBC over two nights (November 16th and November 18th) from 9pm-11pm. On both nights, at 11pm, New York City's Municipal Water Authorities had some overflow problems from all the toilets flushing around the same time.

U 1206 was a submarine that Germany’s top minds had produced a high tech toilet for which allowed them to flush while being submerged. Flushing was only allowed for specially trained sailors. On its first mission its captain flushed himself which lead to a malfunction and the ship being sunk.

A prison in Philadelphia had central heating, running water, flushing toilets, a skylight, and a private exercise yard in every cell before the White House even had running water.

The most expensive court case ever held in the U.S was a sexual abuse trial in which hundreds of children made bizarre allegations of flying and killing giraffes, orgies at car washes, flying in hot-air balloons, and being flushed down toilets.

Over the course of the Tour de France a rider will generate enough sweat to flush a toilet 39 times.

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