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In weight loss, ~84 percent of the fat that is lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs

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Contrary to the belief that cocaine causes weight loss by suppressing appetite, research shows that, on the contrary, cocaine users eat more, but that cocaine directly interferes with metabolic processes related to fat storage, thus promoting weight loss in these individuals.

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  1. Regular marijuana users are less likely to be obese, even after adjusting for other factors that could influence body fat and health. (Pot is an appetite stimulant, but an ingredient in marijuana has been shown to aid in dieting; at high doses it nearly tripled weight loss versus placebo.)

  2. A fat-finger error by a Tokyo trader where he sold 600,000 shares at ¥6 instead of 6 shares at ¥600,000 caused UBS a loss of £71m

  3. A personal trainer gained 70 lbs of fat on purpose in order to experience how difficult the weight loss process is for himself

  4. In a study between four diets - Atkins (high-fat, low carb), Ornish (very low fat), Zone (balanced diet), and the LEARN diet (carb preferred) - the Atkins diet performed best in short- and long-term weight loss and in secondary outcomes like cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  5. The biggest 'fat finger' trading loss in history was narrowly avoided when a Japanese broker managed to cancel rogue orders worth £380bn, larger than the Swedish economy.

  6. During the cold periods of year, fat-tailed dunnarts and some type of rodents share nests (that are usually located under the rocks, grass tussocks or inside the hollow trees) to prevent loss of body heat.

  7. Skinny people poop inserted into fat peoples rectums may cause weight loss

  8. When you lose fat, your metabolism permanently decreases. This means that if the weight were regained, it would be harder and harder to lose after each weight loss attempt

  9. Bear grease was a popular treatment for men with hair loss for more than 250 years. Manufacturers were eventually substituting pig, veal, suet, lard and beef marrow fat for bear's fat as the demand exceeded the available supply of genuine bear's fat.

  10. Celesta Geyer holds the Guinness World Record for weight loss, losing 440 after a heart attack. Prior to this, she was a Circus Fat Lady at 588lbs

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My fat cat's 2-year weight loss journey

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What 150 lbs of fat loss looks like. Pics of me 12 months ago and now in comments.

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Liposuction doesn't remove fat, it rearranges fat. Each fat cell holds a specific amount of fat. If you remove some, the body stores the same amount in others. Fat removed from your thighs might come back in your arms or gut or elsewhere. The other fat cells compensate for the loss. - source

About Armin Miewes. He invited Bernd Brandes into his home where Brandes allowed him to cut off his penis and then eat it (Brandes himself wanted a bite but couldn't chew very well due to blood loss). It was cooked in a pan with salt, pepper, wine, and garlic and fried in some of Brandes's fat.

In 1087, William the Conqueror was fat-shamed by King Philip of France. William was temporarily resident in a weight loss clinic in Rouen, and Philip said there would be a great show of candles at William's churching, in reference to a blessing given to new mothers after childbirth. - source

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Exercise has very little to do with fat loss.

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When you lose weight, you lose it in your breath. You breath out your fat loss. True Story.

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