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M'lady/Fedora guys is Jerry Messing. Before his internet stardom he was the child actor who played Pugsley in Addams Family Reunion as well as Gordon Crisp, the smelly kid in Freaks and Geeks.

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The US Department of Defense has paid NFL teams millions of tax dollars to hold surprise military family reunions, "Hometown Hero" salutes and other military displays during games.

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  1. Famous Siamese Twins Chang & Eng got married, had 21 kids between them and settled in North Carolina. They now have over 1,500 descendants many of whom meet annually for a family reunion.

  2. When Michael Gross, who played the Dad on Family Ties, was asked by Pat Sajak how he hoped the series would end, Gross replied "I hope they die in a plane crash." He later explained he didn't want the cast to have to get back together for contrived "reunion" shows.

  3. Cornelius Vanderbilt was the richest man in the world with net worth of US $215 billion (inflation-adjusted 2016). In comparison Jeff Bezos's net worth is US$137 billion (January 2019). By a 1973 family reunion, not one of the 120 Vanderbilt descendants present was a millionaire.

  4. Five years after the second 90s Addams Family movie (Values), Fox attempted a poorly received reboot called "Addams Family Reunion", in part to pilot the TV series "The New Addams Family"

  5. It's common for Chinese families to have a reunion dinner the night before Chinese New Year festivities begin.

  6. About the Nepalese Royal Massacre in 2001 in which Prince Dipendra opened fire on his family during a family reunion resulting in the death of 9 people, including all the members of the King's family.

  7. The guy from the Fedora Guy meme was Pugsley in Addams Family Reunion

  8. the American band blink-182 made a satirical song called "Family Reunion" that features the seven words you can't say on TV or Radio.

  9. Tips Fedora Guy" is Jerry Messing, best known for portraying Pugsley in Addams Family Reunion.

  10. It wasn't until Bruce Buffer was 30 and Michael Buffer in his 40s that they learned they were half-brothers. The family reunion came about because Bruce, a lifelong boxing fan, got to wondering about the man with his last name who was introducing the fights he liked to watch on TV.

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