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Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Rube Waddell would often be distracted by shiny things, puppies, and balloons while on the mound. He once ran off the field to chase a fire truck on the way to a fire.

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5 time Cy Young award winner, World Series MVP, bird killing, Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson spends his retirement from baseball as the concert photographer for Rush.

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  1. The manager of Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Gaylord Perry once stated "they'll put a man on the moon before he hits a home run." Just a mere hour after the Apollo 11 moon landing, Perry hits his career's first and only home run.

  2. Hall-of-Fame pitcher Rube Waddell, who despite his skill, would chase after fire trucks in the middle of games, be easily distracted by opposing fans holding puppies or shiny objects, and performed as an alligator wrestler during the off-season.

  3. Hall of fame pitcher, and spitball extraordinaire, Gaylord Perry approached the makers of Vaseline about endorsing the product and was allegedly rebuffed with a one-line postcard reading, "We soothe babies' backsides, not baseballs."

  4. Legendary Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Rube Waddell may have suffered from severe ADHD: he would leave the mound to watch fire trucks, and opposing fans brought puppies and shiny objects to distract him

  5. Hall of Fame MLB pitcher Pedro Martinez had a "lucky midget" he kept with him to win the 2004 World Series...

  6. About Gaylord Perry, a Hall of Fame Pitcher for the Giants. In 1964, two reporters argued about his hitting ability, where one said “a man will land on the moon before Perry hits a home run”. Five years later in 1969, Apollo 11 landed. 30 minutes later, Perry hit the 1st home run of his career.

  7. Mordecai Brown, a Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, only had three fingers on his pitching hand after a childhood accident involving a piece of farming equipment.

  8. Bob Feller, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, was the first Professional Athlete in America to enlist in the Armed Forces for WWII service, 2 days after Pearl Harbor, after a season in which he had 6 shutouts and led the majors in wins (25), strikeouts (260), and innings pitched (343).

  9. Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson is also a photojournalist. His logo is a dead bird, in reference to a bird he killed by chance during a game.

  10. Future hall of fame pitcher Tom Seaver was awarded to the New York Mets after their name was drawn from a hat

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Hall of fame pitcher Ferguson Jenkins also played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters

A three-fingered man became a hall of fame baseball pitcher - source

Hall-of-Fame pitcher John Smoltz finished with 69 Wins Above Replacement in his career. - source

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