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The luftwaffe planted buoys in the english channel for downed pilots to survive in, containing food, alcohol, clothing and games.

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In 1914, British WWI soldier Thomas Hughes tossed a beer bottle with a letter to his wife into the English Channel. He was killed two days later. In 1999, a fisherman dredged up the bottle in the River Thames. Although Hughes' wife had died in 1979, it was delivered to his 86-year old daughter.

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  1. In 1914, British WW1 soldier Thomas Hughes throw a bottle with a letter to his wife into the English Channel. He was killed 2 days later. In 1999, a Fisherman found the bottle in the River Thames. Hughes wife had died in 1979 but the letter was delivered to the soldier's 86 year old daughter

  2. The Rolex brand became widely known after a woman swam across the english channel wearing one in 1927. After the 15 hour swim the Rolex Oyster she had worn was still working perfectly.

  3. Britain became an island after the English channel was carved out from 2 megafloods caused by the meting of a large ice sheet that covered Britain and Scandinavia 450,000 years ago.

  4. Paul Tibblets, the pilot of the Enola Gay when it dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima, did not have a funeral or headstone on his death, fearing it would become a site for protest. Instead he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the English Channel.

  5. Hubert Latham was the first to attempt to fly a plane over the English Channel in 1909; he failed, but in doing so he became the first person to ever land a plane on water.

  6. A WW2 pigeon named Mary of Exeter survived an assassination attempt by a German warhawk, was shot, hit with shrapnel, and survived a bombing of her loft while delivering messages across the English Channel to France.

  7. British engineers laid a fuel pipeline under the English channel in a single night, under cover of darkness, to supply the Allied forces in Normandy.

  8. In 1802 there was a proposal to build a tunnel under the English Channel that would use horse drawn carriages and be lit by oil lamps.

  9. There was a natural dam made of ice between England and France during the ice age which broke and created an enormous flood; forming the English Channel.

  10. Caligula, an emperor of the Roman Empire. His short 4 year long reign consisted of him trying to make his horse a consul, calling himself a god, committing incest, and declaring war on the sea, having his men collect shells from the English Channel and return to Rome to celebrate victory.

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Jeanne de Clisson, a former noblewoman who became a privateer to avenge her husband after he was executed for treason by the French king. She plied the English Channel and targeted French ships, often slaughtering the crew, leaving few alive.

Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim the English channel in 1926, beating the previous time record by nearly two hours. The first person to greet Ederle as she came ashore on Kingsdown beach was a British immigration officer who requested to see her passport. - source

The Allies secretly built two entire portable harbors in the UK and towed them across the English Channel right after D-Day to attach to the just-captured beachheads. One was damaged in a storm. The other landed over 2.5 million men, 500,000 vehicles, and 4 million tons of supplies. - source

On April 16th, 1912, Harriet Quimby became the first woman ever to fly across the English Channel, flying from Dover to Calais in 59 minutes. Ironically, her feat was overshadowed by another maritime-related event, the sinking of the Titanic.

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The Channel Islands include Saint Helier, Saint Peter Port, Saint Anne, Sark, and Herm.

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All Alone, a war pigeon in WW2 who parachuted with a spy into France, before being dispatched back with important information. She then flew more than 400 miles across the English Channel back to England in less than 24 hours. After the war All Alone was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry

On April 16, 1912, Quimby took off from Dover, England, and made the 59 minute flight to Calais, becoming the first woman to pilot a plane across the English Channel.

The widest portion of the English Channel is between the Gulf of Saint Malo and Lyme Bay, near the midpoint of the channel.

The tunnel connecting England and France under the English Channel is roughly a 35 minute trip. Approximately 50,000 people use it every day to cross.

In 1785, Jean-Pierre Blanchard and his co-pilot John Jeffries, completed the first crossing of the English Channel in a balloon. However, they landed in France with no trousers on, as on approach at the French coast they run out ballast and resorted to throwing their clothes overboard.

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There was approximately seven million tons of debris removed from the English Channel to build the tunnel. This debris was moved to Southeast England where it was used to create a 74 acre nature reserve called Samphire Hoe Park.

Operation PLUTO in which the Allied forces laid pipe allowing them to pump a million gallons of fuel per day under the English Channel to France. The pump houses were disguised as cottages and even an ice cream shop.

The English Channel has become a popular challenge for swimmer over the years. The first person to swim solo across the English Channel was Captain Matthew Webb, in 1875. He was stung by jellyfish during his crossing.

The Bayeux Tapestry recorded which historical event?

The Bayeux Tapestry, which is believed dated to the eleventh century, recounts the battle in vivid detail. The scenes are embroidered with some Latin text. The figures are notable for wearing Viking Age clothing and it also shows William and his men crossing the English Channel in Viking style long ships.

The English and Spanish ships met in the English Channel. The English were able to fight the Spanish because they were able to manoeuvre easier in their smaller ships.

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The Channel Tunnel, which was in the planning dating back to 1802, opened in 1994. The English Channel has the longest undersea section of any tunnel in the world.

Throughout history the English Channel has been known by a variety of names including Mare Britannicum, Oceanus Gallicus, Mare Anglica, the British Sea, and the Narrow Sea, among many others.

At the Channel's deepest spot there are weapons that were dumped from World War I and World War II.

The most repeated TV show in the world is of a British end-of-the-pier-music-hall skit, shown every New Year in Germany, on all channels, in English, and has never been shown on UK TV.

The English Channel is one of the world's busiest shipping regions.

Prior to the 1700s the English Channel did not have an official English name.

In the last moments of WWI, the German Imperial Navy, without government authorization, planned to sail out to the English channel and engage in a suicide battle which no ship should return from. The sailors refused and revolted, sparking the German Revolution of 1919.

In WWII, a German Luftwaffe pilot named Franz Stigler, refused orders to shoot down a crippled B-17 bomber and actually escorted the aircraft back to the English channel, so that German AA would not open fire. Franz then saluted the American pilot, and flew back to his home base.

The longest ship ever built, Seawise Giant, that was unable to navigate the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal.

The English side was very worried that animals infected with rabies may make it through the tunnel. Great Britain had not had any rabies cases since 1902, so the tunnel had to be designed to ensure no animals could cross.

An 11 year old boy swam across the English Channel in 1988, in under 12 hours.

In 1803, Napoleon planned to invade the United Kingdom using all of the $11,250,000 ($236 million in 2014) he had made by selling Louisiana to the Americans. Part of his plan was to use balloons to cross the English Channel and attack England.

An unemployed French physicist once took over the island of Sark in the english channel alone, patrolling the streets with a rifle. He was arrested, then tried again a year later but was stopped in Guernsey.

James, Duke of York named New Jersey. He chose the name to honor Carteret, the Governor of Jersey = an island in the English Channel.

During the Second World War, British agents circulated the myth that the British had introduced man-eating sharks into the English Channel

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