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The total cost of the Challenger Space Shuttle recovery by the Navy ($13.1 million) was equal to the street value of a duffle bag of cocaine found during the search

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During the Challenger search and recovery, sailors found a floating duffle bag full of cocaine, worth $13 MIL - enough to the pay for the Navy's search and recovery efforts. [pdf]

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  1. In 2010 a GCHQ employee's decomposing corpse was found locked inside a duffle bag placed in the bathtub of a London flat. A re-investigation by the Metropolitan Police concluded that his death was "probably an accident"

  2. Duffel bags were first made in Duffel, Belgium, from duffel cloth. The same heavy woollen cloth is used to made Duffel or Duffle coats, the toggle type fastening of which were designed to be used while wearing heavy gloves in cold weather at sea.

  3. A small plane crashed in the Congo when a crocodile hidden in a duffle bag escaped inside the cabin. Frightened passengers rushed toward the nose causing the pilot to lose control. All on board died in the crash except one passenger and the crocodile.

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