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The pentagon has an actual defense strategy for a zombie apocalypse. The document is known as CONPLAN 8888 and is a detailed guide on how to survive and fight against multiple types of zombies.

how many documented cases of multiple personality disorder?

The British systematically destroyed thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed by the British empire to portray themselves as good guys post WWs

What was the first documented case of aids?

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what was the last year for a documented case of polio in the u.s?

  1. The FBI released documents detailing a report by an Air Force investigator who claimed to have found three flying saucers with three-foot-tall humanoids inside in New Mexico in 1950.

  2. The British-American Ariel-1 satellite went offline just 4 days after the US experiment 'Starfish Prime' took place, where a 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead was detonated 250 miles above the Pacific. British government documents detailing the fate of the satellite remained locked away for 50 years

  3. A 1960 declassified military document details how 3 explosive charges were detonated off Perth, Australia. They were heard 12,000 miles away in Bermuda!

  4. The CIA has a document that details their involvement in "The use of a member of the Mafia in an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro." It's called "Family Jewels"

  5. There exist a channel that documents the WW2 week-by-week as it went on, with great detail. They also have The Great War and Inbetween World Wars series. They have been consistent with this since 2014. And, also, they are being demonetized by Youtube.

  6. There is a CIA document detailing how chopped squash was made for Stalin

  7. A document written in 2001 goes into incredible detail about the process of a nuclear missile hitting the Rio Grande Valley

  8. In the 1920s, Belgian ethnologists analysed thousands of Rwandans on analogous racial criteria, which would be used later by the Nazis. In 1931, an ethnic identity was mandated and administrative documents detailed each person's "ethnicity". Each Rwandan had an ethnic identity card.

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What was the first documented case of cancer?

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