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Both Destiny’s Child and Alicia Keys made their debut on the soundtrack to Men in Black

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Destiny’s Child and Solange recorded the theme song to the popular Disney Channel show The Proud Family.

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  1. Kobe Bryant had a budding rap career and jumped on songs with Destiny's Child, 50 Cent, and stayed for a summer at the house of the guy responsible for 'Willennium'

  2. Destiny's Child & Solange sand "The Proud Family" theme song

  3. Destiny's Child has had 9 different members since the group was formed in 1990.

  4. Destiny's Child sang Disney Channel's "The Proud Family" theme song.

  5. Beyoncé has a sister and that Destiny's Child sang backup vocals for her for The Proud Family theme song.

  6. Kpop act BLACKPINK from YG entertainment is the only other girlgroup ever to reach #1 on US Itunes chart with their song "Kill This Love" since Destiny's Child 15 years ago.

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