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An influential Islamic philosophical movement in 8th century Iraq declared the perfect human to be "of Persian derivation, Arabic faith, Hebrew in astuteness, a disciple of Christ in conduct, as pious as a Syrian monk, a Greek in natural sciences, an Indian in the interpretation of mysteries.

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The Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, and possibly Indian alphabets are all derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs via the Phoenician alphabet.

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  1. 'sine' is derived from an Arabic word for 'bosom', thus making it the oldest mathematical boobies joke.

  2. Madrid's name is derived from the Arabic word "magerit" which translates to mean a "place of many streams".

  3. The word "zenith" is derived from an Arabic expression that means "direction of the head" or "path above the head" but it is believed to have been inaccurately read. The expression was misspelled as 'senit" and eventually became "zenith" in the 1600s.

  4. The word "coffee" is derived from the Arabic language and means "wine of the bean".

  5. Brazzers's founder is an Arab, and that the name Brazzers itself is derived from how an Arab would pronounce "Brothers."

  6. The Sahara's name is derived from the plural Arabic language word for desert, so "the Sahara desert" means "the desert desert."

  7. The word "algebra," like our numerals, is derived from Arabic, namely the word "al-jabr."

  8. The word monsoon is believed to be derived from the Arabic word ‘mausim". Mausim means a shift in wind or season.

  9. The name "Assassin" is said to derive from the Arabic Hashishin or "users of hashish"--a derogatory term applied to a middle ages sect of highly trained mercenaries.

  10. Gibraltar was named after the Spanish derivation of the Arabic "Jabal Al Tariq", which translates to mountain of Tariq, named after Tariq ibn Ziyad, an Umayyad General.

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The "Olé!" chant is thought to be derived from an Arabic invocation of Allah when individuals seemed to rise above themselves in performance.

The word "assassin" was derived from the Arabic word ḥasis, meaning "hashish eater". - source

"abjad", a type of writing system where each symbol stands for a consonant, is derived from pronouncing the first letters of the Arabic alphabet in order - source

Maltese is derived from a form of Sicilian Arabic.

The Arabic word for beauty is derived from the word for camel - source

Derinkuyu underground city when was it built?

In 1932 Mustafa Atatürk instituted language reform across Turkey, which changed Turkish from an Arabic to Latin script and banned all foreign derived words. As a result, most Turks today cannot read the last 600 years of their own history nor the words on their own ancestors tombstones.

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