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Sarah Knauss, a supercentenarian and oldest ever American, lived for more than 119 years. She died in 1999 on the 30th of December, just 2 days shy of the year 2000.

The Second Continental Congress met at a variety of locations during its existence. It met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 10th, 1775 to December 12th, 1776. It met in Baltimore, Maryland from December 20th, 1776 to March 4th, 1777. It met in Philadelphia from March 5th, 1777 to September 18th, 1777. It met in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on one day only on September 27th, 1777. It met in York, Pennsylvania from September 30th, 1777 to June 27th, 1778. It met in Philadelphia from July 2nd, 1778 until March 1st, 1781.

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  1. Samoa switched time zones in 2011, jumping across the International Date Line. This led to Friday, December 30th not existing for the country.

  2. December 30, 2011 did not exist in Somoa. Samoa crossed over the International Date Line to better match the time zones of New Zealand, Australia and China, to improve business. Somoa went from Thursday December 29th directly to Saturday December 31st, skipping Friday December 30th completely.

  3. Bobby Farrell, the only male member of 70s group Boney M, who scored a huge hit in the 70s with the Song Rasputin, died on the 30th December in Saint Petersburg, coincidentally dying on the same day and in the same city Rasputin had also died

  4. In 2011 approximately 500 people didn't get to celebrate their birthday on their actual birthday, as Samoa decided to skip the 30th of December.

  5. In 2011, Samoa and Tokelau skipped December 30th, going straight from the 29th to the 31st, when they opted to switch sides of the international date line to facilitate trade relations and better align with Australia and New Zealand.

  6. A small island nation switched time zones in 2011 and therefore "lost" the 30th of December that year

  7. On December 30th, 2006, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad. He was buried near Tikrit the next day.

  8. Bobby Farrell, of Boney M fame died on the 30th December, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The same date and place in which Rasputin, the subject of Boney M's hit single, died.

  9. In 2011, there was no December 30th in Samoa and Tokelau as they skipped a day for dateline change

  10. In 2011, Samoa switched to the western side of the International Date Line - skipping December 30th entirely

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Samoa skipped December 30th, 2011 to change time zones.

There are time zones that are 26h apart from each other. The first celebrates New Years while the other is still on 30th of december - source

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